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Maternity/Doula Services

Doula Luxembourg, Preconception, Birth preparation, prenatal preparation, parenting coaching, calm birth


Thanks for popping in, let's chat :-)

  • Are you interested in conceiving in future, expecting a baby, approaching birth or already a parent?

  • Are you a birth-worker or providing services to future/new parents?

  • Wanting to clear any blocks so you can conceive, birth, parent or support future/new parents fearlessly, passionately?

  • Interested to re-code your early limiting imprints with the Birth into Being method so you can be fully present without baggage in conception, birth, parenting or supporting future/new parents?

  • Looking for non-judgemental, holistic support in navigating the maternity world and all the choices ahead?

  • Prepping for conscious conception to contribute to the thriving culture of future generations?

  • Need help in figuring out YOUR birth philosophy, your rights and the options you have?

  • Life constantly pushing your buttons yet you desire calm, peaceful & connected conception/pregnancy/parenting?

  • Ready to clear negative emotions, behaviours dragging you and the people around you down so you can be a resilient, loving and patient (future) parent or partner?

  • Ready to clear the pathways so your system can run energy with less constant stress and negative head-chatter?

  • Old stories, judgements, grudges, low confidence and pains limiting you and your (future) family?

  • Are you struggling to fully love yourself + others & worried about the impact on your (future) child(ren) & relationship with your partner?

  • Seeking healing from miscarriage & other losses, a disempowering birth or other events, bullying or any other situation in the present/past that diminished your sense of Self?

  • You and your partner keen to strengthen your CONNECTION the "Becoming Us" way to create a warm nest for your (future) children?

  • Are you a future/new parent moving to/new to Luxembourg with tons of questions?

  • Would you like to learn how to clear your head-trash by yourself and/or clear fears if and when they arise during labour?

  • Want to connect and communicate with your body and baby and/or reduce the impact of any pregnancy symptoms that may arise?

  • Ready for clarity in your decision-making and activating your inner compass?

  • Looking forward to strengthen your connection to SELF enabling you to deeper connection & intimacy with others?

  • Interested to learn about Conscious Birth, Conscious Parenting, Birth Empowerment, Holistic Childbirth Prep, Calm Birth® method (prenatal, birth & parenthood energy & breathing meditation)Dancing for Birth™, Holistic Weaning (Introducing solid foods)?

  • Interested to learn about Holistic Newborn Sleep, Baby-calming (Happiest Baby on the Block) +

    • setting the stage for a healthy sleep dynamic for your baby on the way.

  • Excited to have group classes or private Dancing for Birth™ sessions for an easier & pleasurable birth experience?

  • Ready to relax and rejuvenate with a soothing Reiki session?

  • Wanting to mark the Rite of Passage of becoming a mother with a Mother-Blessing.

  • Seeking a soothing & healing Postpartum Ritual to celebrate your rite of passage in your journey as a mother.

If your answer is yes to any of the above

AND you like mermaids,

I will be delighted to guide you towards your goals...

(LOL, just kidding about the 2nd bit...but yes, I like to have fun & laugh a lot while we do all this serious stuff)

free stress meditation

“I can honestly say that after each session I felt better than before it. Each session helped me to see and feel things from a different point of view. You will learn a lot about yourself and get rid of things that no longer serve you.

It is hard to say how much of the positive outcome was thanks to the sessions or the talking with Marise who is a fantastic human being and a passionate professional in the field of pregnancy and parenting!” 


—  Jana, Birth & Conscious Empowerment online sessions

Click on PRAISE on the top menu for more testimonials...
Goodbye fears...

Goodbye fears...

hello empowered birth!

Clearing imprints

Clearing imprints

= a supportive birthing field

YES to

YES to

informed decision-making

Wanna birth

Wanna birth

like the GODDESS that you are?

Yes to headspace!

Yes to headspace!

Upgrade your beliefs, change your life ;-)

Become a closer

Become a closer

& stronger couple :-)

Emotional freedom

Emotional freedom

and a strong mindset is key...

How WE were

How WE were

BORN, impacts everything!

I work

I work

holistically all the way...

Empowered Birth

Empowered Birth

Childbirth Education

Gift yourself

Gift yourself

the time...

Holistic Pregnancy

Holistic Pregnancy

& child Sleep

Prenatal workshop:

Prenatal workshop:

Holistic Newborn sleep

Prenatal Workshop

Prenatal Workshop

newborn calming secrets...

Holistic support

Holistic support

introducing solid foods

Doula Services pricing from preconception, prenatal & parenthood

Coaching/Healing/Education/Dancing for Birth 


Doula services pricng

1.5h Session


Marine H woman.png

2.5h Session


More info

    • Prices are for virtual face-to-face sessions via Zoom etc during business hours. No extra charge if your partner (which I highly recommend where possible) also attends :-)

    • For sessions in-person at your home in Luxembourg - please add 15%

    • For in-person sessions at my studio Soulspace  (Luxembourg, Helmsange) - please add 10%

    • Out-of-office hours, a surcharge of 15% is added (subject to availablity and feasibility for me)

    • Payments are due in full 1 day in advance of 1st session unless otherwise indicated/agreed.

    • In between sessions, I may request you to do some specific "home-play" (vs home-work ;-) to further deepen your growth.

    • For group events, click here (coming soon).

  • For Themed Doula Packages (preconception, prenatal, postnatal), click here.

How many sessions?

  • Initial sessions require 2.5h

  • In advance of your 1st session, when needed, I will request you to complete an intake form enabling me to align our intentions prior to our time together

  • 2.5h sessions allow more freedom to dive deep and the opportunity for hands-on integration.

  • Depending on your goals & needs or your choice of educational option will determine the amount of sessions for you. Don't hesitate to book a Discovery Call to discuss.

  • For healing/emotional integration: Any amount of sessions will benefit you. Shifts are usually experienced within 1-3 sessions depending on the issue. With more time together, the deeper we can go and the more ground we can cover as you may start to notice other things that were hidden under your issue.​ Any inner work you do will benefit you plus your baby, family etc.

  • To experience the full "Birth into Being" Life Healing Journey = 30-45 x 2.5hr sessions over time depending on your individual needs. Even after 6 and then after 12 sessions, beautiful life & perception shifts happen.

  • Discount offered for blocks of sessions booked:

    • 3 sessions = 5% discount

    • 6+ sessions = 10% discount

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 12% discount (paid monthly)

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 20% discount (paid once)

    • 4 sessions per month for 6 months = 15% discount (paid monthly)

    • 4 sessions per month for 6 months = 25% discount (paid once)

  • Please see themed packages here.

I'm Marise...

Preconception, Prenatal & Parenthood Doula, mother, birth advocate and conscious birth* lover.

In 2011 & 2013 I birthed 2 babies with the best intentions while I was in corporate mode.

I had no idea what it took to birth fearlessly as I was so programmed for pain and frankly scared sh!tless but not admitting it. I wasn't even fully IN my body and if someone told me that the quality of the birthing field depends on the quality of the emotional landscape and it's actually possible to offload the emotional legacy I was carrying, I would have scrolled right by...

It took me years to fully comprehend what really went down. You see, I simply thought my body was faulty and I really needed to be saved. I couldn't fully own my POWER back then. Not in BIRTH, neither in LIFE. You see, in fact now I understand we birth the way we live...


Fast forward to today: years and years of heart-sobbing, a drastic career change, countless revelations, certifications, then magnificent inner healings later....


I now declare myself truly EMPOWERED! Oh yes baby! Now I even dance for joy AND birth!


And if you're fully in, I'll show you how to work this type of magic so you rock your conception, pregnancy, birth or parenting journey :-) Life's too short not to go all in!

The methods & tools I use in sessions:

COMBO'S with Partners

Only in Luxembourg
Doula or Women's Healing sessions &
Yoga/Pilates Combo Package


Benefit from a double discount with me and Clare Marie Pilates & Wellness









Holistic Weaning (introducing solid foods to baby)

Dancing for Birth™ group classes or private sessions

Baby Shower/Mother Blessing

Women's SELF-Empowerment

/healing services by moi 

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