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Head Trash Clearance Method


Head Trash (noun):

The accumulated subconscious patterns of thought and behaviour that prevent you from being awesome :-)

Head Trash is ANYTHING that prevents you from thinking or behaving with freedom, choice & flexibility. 

Often, it’s our inability to act with freedom, choice, and flexibility that causes us stress and angst. By neutralising the negative thought, feeling or emotion, we restore our ability to act with freedom choice and flexibility enabling us to be mindful in our lives.

Types of Head Trash include emotional triggers, emotions and values/beliefs.

The Head Trash Clearance Method created by Alexia Leachman, uses Reflective Repatterning to identify and clear your head trash so you reach a state of neutrality which frees up your thinking and behaviour. Neutrality is achieved when we are free of emotionally charged, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Strong fears, stresses, worries, limiting beliefs and emotions all trap us in a mode of behaviour that is not always helpful to us, or those around us.

I have personally been trained in the Method by Alexia Leachman in 2018/2019.


What is Reflective Repatterning?

A new therapeutic technique from the field of Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology builds on conventional therapeutic models and works by stimulating energy points on the surface of the skin, combined with specific psychological procedures. This combination can shift the brain’s electrochemistry to help overcome negative emotions, habits and behaviours.

Reflective Repatterning was discovered and refined by Chris Milbank and is a powerful intervention technique that helps to eliminate any head trash that is impacting negatively on your life. It uses a psychological framework that uncovers deeply held unconscious conflicting values, negative emotions and belief patterns. By working at a deep level it clears the emotional charge that creates the friction between these patterns, leaving you feeling calm and clear in thought.

Reflective Repatterning works much deeper and more thoroughly than other therapeutic techniques;

  • It doesn’t just work with how your head trash is affecting YOU, but how those people around you are affected, and in turn how they might affect you

  • It uses the law of opposites and applies Newton’s 3rd Law to our emotions. This insight provides a much deeper level of clearing when it comes to managing our emotional wellbeing.

  • It clears emotions out of mind AND body providing a much deeper level of clearance.

  • Chris considers it 18 times more effecticve than other techniques/mind therapies such as NLP, TFT, Hypnotherapy and talking therapies such as counselling and psychotherapy.

What can Reflective Repatterning help with?


It is hugely successful in working with most head trash including anxiety, negative and limiting beliefs, value conflicts, negative internal chatter and dialogue, stress, depression, fears, phobias, other emotional upsets and neutralising triggers. Imagine not getting wound up anymore with life's irritations :-) What would your life be like? 





Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting and Conscious Conception 


If you haven't yet (e.g. see my Program: Conscious Conception), pregnancy is the perfect time to deal with any emotional baggage so that your baby doesn’t end up carrying it too. Pregnancy is a time of huge change; mom's body is about to undergo an immense transformation, but so is the parents-to-be's life as they prepare to be parents of a new little human. It’s understandably exciting, but can also be a tad stressful. In fact, the emotional side of things can be a bit of a roller-coaster, especially when pregnancy hormones get going as they tend to magnify any negative emotion that’s lurking about.

Giving birth to a tiny human can be hard work, and for some just the very thought of it triggers pangs of terror and stress. But, as with many physically demanding challenges, the secret to success is in the mental and emotional preparation. By taking the time to prepare for labour and birth in advance, you can MASSIVELY improve your chances of a positive fear-free birthing experience.

It is never too early to start this work. More and more couples already start this work as part of Conscious Conception, before they enter the conception journey so they have more freedom and time to address what's lurking in their emotional closets. This can also make for a more smooth-sailing experience going forward as our baggage gets activated (as gifts to be looked at ;-) once we enter the conception journey.

The Head Trash Clearance Method is immensely helpful in the conscious journey towards a stress-free pregnancy and positive fear-free birth to:

  • Identify and clear pregnancy stresses & fears

  • Identify and clear labour and child birth fears

  • Identify and clear any stresses & fears about being parents/future parents

  • Identify and clear any specific stresses/fears/triggers for dad/mom's partner

  • Clear any pregnancy or miscarriage traumas

  • Learn how to clear fears if and when they arise during labour

  • Clear baby's fears of birthing, that might delay their arrival

  • Connect and communicate with your body and baby

  • Reduce the impact of any pregnancy symptoms that may arise

This Method is wonderfully complementary to my other certifications & trainings. Take a look here at my Preconception, Prenatal & Doula services.


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