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Work With Me in 3 ways:

Workplace Emotional Resilience & Leadership: Teams, Leaders, organisations  

Self-growth & Relationships: Women & Couples

Preconception to Parenthood Doula: Women & Couples

Neuro-economics in action!

A Rocket Booster 🚀 for your workplace, my approach to

Holistic Resilience & Leadership Development, based on my transformative

Trauma-informed, Somatic E-IQ Methods


is a human-centric, neuro-scientific, interplay of:

🧠 head (engagement),

🫀 heart (happiness) and



Just like a rocket propels to new heights,

this is your propellant 🚀 to:

  • Conscious Leadership,

  • Highly engagement teams (boosting sales by 18% and profits by 25% Inspirus) and,

  • Top Talent attraction & retention.


My expertise are: 

Emotional Resilience (E-IQ)

Emotional Intelligence

Mental Health

Resilient Teams (Socio-IQ)

Resilient & Conscious Leadership

Feminine Leadership

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RAYW home
heal your inner child

- Rise above your Wounds E-Course - 

Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit Life Healing with the "Birth into Being Method"

Join the Waitlist and be the 1st to know when it's released.


Your INNER Fetus-Baby-Child-Toddler-Teenager needs you!

Bring them safely home...

and they will bring you Joy, Creativity, Abundance, Love, healthy Intimacy & Relationships, Peace & a Soulful, radiantly healthy life.

Ignore them...

and they could bring constant anxiety & stress, low self esteem, social anxiety, overwhelm, drama in relationships, disease, illness and more..  


Bring them safely home and make space for your Soul...

with my new self-paced E-Course!


Birth into Being Method Luxembourg

My new Book on

Relationships is in the making!

Many couples today discover they are in a Mixed Orientation Relationship... 

After 25 years of building a life with my partner, emigrating from SA to Luxembourg and 2 beautiful daughters, he discovered at a late age he subconsciously suppressed he is... homosexual!​

I've written this book to consciously support couples confronted with the uniquely devastating

"Wounds from the Closet"

that both partners inevitably face in this complex relationship dynamic...

  • What are your options as a couple/family?

  • How do you navigate this storm?

  • Will your family/relationship/your Self survive these differences?

  • What are your needs/limits?

  • How could this even happen?!

  • Where do you seek support? What and when do you tell others?

  • A self-help guide with grace and humour to cope and recover from this new stage in your relationship...

  • Tip: there are way more options than you think, and no, divorcing right away or killing is not one of them!

Join the Waitlist and be the 1st to know when it's released.

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As specialist in Emotional Resilience, I offer this superpower in 3 ways:

Workplace Wellbeing

Leaders, teams, organisations

SELF- Growth & Relationships

Women & Couples

Preconception to Parenthood

Women & Couples

Work Meeting
Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Creating a people-centric workplace culture that grows Psychological Capital


ROI savings!

Due to improved
Engagement, satisfaction, motivation, team connectivity emotional resilience, innovative thinking, productivity, self-efficacy, optimism and hope


Reprogram your entry into life, heal your past (PTSD, C-PTSD), hidden wounds, release blocks, fears, anxieties, stresses & learn resilience skills to access your best Self, peak performance, creativity, harmony in love, life, career, family, relationships...

Heal your Relationship
Find your way back to Passion after having kids...

Trauma-informed, emotionally focussed, Holistic coaching, healing, education, guidance, Dancing for Birth classes..
Guiding you step-by-step into the transitions into parenthood towards an empowered, connected experience.

Perfect for future/already parents worldwide

free meditation release stress
Inner child healing, trauma release, life coaching women

A million thanks for today, Marise!
What I experienced is out of this world.

You won't believe when I say this, but right after the session I took a couple of mins to process everything and I had happy tears (literally).

I was smiling and crying at the same time.

As much as it sounds weird, because I have never experienced it before, yet I could just look at myself in the mirror and I was so full of appreciation for myself.

That right there, was pure magic.

After a 1st online Self-Growth/Relationships Healing-Coaching session

Join the next Women's Circle in Luxembourg - 26 Oct 2024 - "Hips don't lie"

Soulspace - Bereldange

Are you expecting a baby?

Download my free e-book - 4 Top Newborn Sleep Tips!

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