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I have completed 20 "Birth into being" face to face sessions with Marise over around 6 months period and it has been a life changing experience for me...

In my professional life, I feel more calm and self confident at work.. most of the time coming at ease to challenges now.

I found so much more peace within myself and with each session I understood my conditioning better. Marise is a real Healer, she has a calling to heal and help people transform, her energy is pure and loving and this is what really helped me to truly open up and trust her as my therapist.


I especially appreciate the approach Marise takes to the therapy, it is not only pure based on science but very much underpinned with energy healing and emotional understanding.


After each session I felt as if more life entered my soul and it was something that really helped me though difficult time in my life...


I totally recommend sessions with Marise and especially "Birth into Being" program as it is something truly transformative and worth investment , I think the best investment we can make is into ourselves. Thank you Marise for this wonderful journey we went through together and I am looking forward to next phase of my "Birth into Being" therapy !

It’s a way to rediscover yourself, connect to your inner child and inner Being and learn what Self-love and self-healing really means.

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“So first of all - I have been enjoying the homeplay as instructed.  But there is something very important I have to tell you. The day after our session (well, it started in my head already after the session) I started writing poems. I would rather say at times they are somewhat channeling through me. It is like an urge I never experienced before.


Mind you I do not particularly fancy poetry or understand it. I do not understand some of my own either :). But I like it and the process is very satisfying. I used to write poems a little bit when I was a child but then it was forgotten and (unlike other types of creating) not anyhow craved (at least not at the conscious level).


So this was really absolutely unexpected.


I have finally decided also for the subscription option - please send me an invoice for a whole year, which I will pay straight away.


Big thank you for your guidance :-)


Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the sacred women's circle.


Marise is amazing, such a positive energy that is really contagious.


I can highly recommend attending a women's circle facilitated by her, it's just a profoundly healing and simply magical experience.


I was so low on energy when I arrived, deeply in despair, but your energy and the energy we all created together was so positive and contagious, I'm so grateful for the wonderful women involved and the love I received. 

And the thing is, after the circle - the magic also transposed to real life as my situation with the person involved drastically improved and he has “magically” changed..


I will be in touch to commence healing sessions to work on some old past issues of mine"


“I had offered myself a 1 year long (monthly sessions) "Birth Into Being" journey with Marise.


The Birth Into Being process helps looking at different patterns, conditioning and limiting beliefs, and allows transmuting and letting go of what is not serving us anymore.


Marise has a wonderful way of being and holding space, where I felt safe and seen. I love her beautiful blend of creativity, joy, fun, warmth and deep wisdom. I felt seen and enjoyed the whole process.


Each session was different, a blend of talking, reflecting, meditation, embodiment, movement, somatic elements, gentle role plays, journaling.. a very enriching and deep journey that I can recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, to grow and expand their awareness.


Big thank you Marise for the beautiful journey!"


I have started the " Birth into Being" journey few months ago and I can only say I have never felt such a strong connection with myself  and thanks to the tools and methods learnt I can instantly self-help myself when I notice I’m emotionally off balance. 

  • Marise is an amazing guide, who takes you through different phases and deepness of the program and gently navigate you through the processes. 

  • It’s a way to rediscover yourself, connect to your inner child and inner Being and learn what Self-love and self-healing really means

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" experience working with Marise was very healing and I felt really supported.


Her presence was amazing and I felt that everything happened that needed to happen. I came out the other side feeling wonderful and really seen and held by her.


It was an incredible and transformational experience that she facilitated for me.


I always feel some kind of need to some body work after the official "integration" is over and Marise ended up giving me some of the best Reiki I have ever had so that really helped with that need and was a really wonderful added bonus..."

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Working with Marise has marked the start of a new journey of self-discovery, emancipation and re-connecting to my feelings and needs. With Marise’s thoughtful guidance, commitment and generous support I was able to start understanding the interaction between the different systems of my brain and their respective needs, and how to tune into and recognise better each of these needs. I was able to feel and see in a new light some of my subconscious emotional ‘wounds’ that have been fuelling the same patterns of ineffective or self-sabotaging behavior. Marise has the unique talent to make you feel at home (the home you would have liked to grow up in) and in that safe space sharing my feelings, thoughts and needs came effortlessly. I feel stronger and more determined now to continue along this journey of inner healing and empowerment. Thank you, Marise!

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" A million thanks for today, Marise.


What i experienced is out of the world!


You won’t believe when I say this, but right after the session i took a couple of mins to process everything and I had happy tears (literally).


I was smiling and crying at the same time...


As much as it sounds weird, because I have never experienced it before, yet I could just look at myself in the mirror and I was so full of appreciation for myself.


That, right there, was pure magic."


Women's Circle
In-person: Soulspace


"It was a beautiful afternoon with great female energy , connection, personal sharings, genuine emotions, smiles and dance 💛 I can truly say it was just great!  Thank you for creating this opportunity and space for such events."


thank you for your safety place and your amazing energy. I felt happy and safe near you and other women, circling together for self love.

Woman in a Field

Women's Circle
In-Person Soulspace


"Marise is a beautiful woman and created a wonderful space for our Sacred Women Healing Circle. 

Marise is very experienced and intuitive.

erfect contact to heal past wounds and traumas!  Great guide!"


Thanks so much, it was a great experience! I went thinking I would get bored and I felt full of joy and with my head light like I haven't had in several years!

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As in my life journey I have recently experienced to be at a life crossroad and being there for a little moment made me to arrive to the conclusion, that before  moving forward I need to help myself to clear my mind and heart from any unnecessary obstacles and self-believe limitations. I have decided trying a Conscious Empowerment session with Marise and it was definitely a great move and good start to gain more clarity in my life and reinforce trust and connection with myself. 

Thank you Marise.You are always inspiring and open others towards holistic ideas how to live a more harmonious and happy life.

After session 2:

Thank you again for taking me on this renewing journey of rebirthing into being. I am so grateful and happy for stepping onto this path. I have never felt so connected and happy with myself.
After our last session and woke up renewed and calm. Happy inside and very hungry but even eating was like a new experience for me. Mindful and I could see it got a new meaning at that moment. Following days were very harmonious and peaceful for me.I am looking forward to our next session.

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"I was reluctant at 1st to work on my core issue in a deep process and had many internal dialogues.


Marise was wonderful, warm, intuitive and understood exactly what I needed.


She was very patient and lovingly guiding me, yet tacit enough to stop my mind-chatter.


I felt safe and fully trusted her and her voice. 


When I resisted, Marise reminded me to breathe just at the right time to take it all in.  Her warm compassionate, bubbly personality helped me through the process.


I am very grateful.


Thanks Marise!"

Woman in a Field

"I was a bit afraid before our work together especially about my ability of going deep into the work.


Marise did an amazing job in guiding me.


I trusted her fully.


She was totally there, aware with great intuition, it’s like she could see in my soul and she knew at every moment where I was and what I needed.


I felt so good afterwards!"

Drinking Coffee

"The headtrash clearing session was really positive for me.

I haven't been overwhelmingly sad since, and my outlook has been shifted.


Thank you so much!"

Outdoor Meditation

“It was very obvious right after my Limbic Imprint Recoding and Conscious Empowerment session I felt a new sense of empowerment.

I am feeling much more empowered to take a leading role both at work and in life and it gave me the confidence to speak with a lot of strength and clarity in the knowingness of who I am and what I am worth.


I truly sense a new program has been rewritten.”


“The session was way above my expectations in many ways. Very very powerful stuff. I was leaving your house with my head in the clouds, very much in peace with myself and relaxed.

I think I am still processing stuff. I am drawn to water I had a bath at lunch time again.

So as you are probably guessing already - I would like to book the next session and would like it to be the continuation of the Birth into being journey.

I am enclosing some pics inspired by the images you and your magic Soulspace brought on to me.


Looking Out to the Lake

""Working with Marise over the last year in the "Birth into Being" Journey at Soulspace was overall a very enjoyable experience.


Highly recommended for anyone wanting to work on themselves and evolve on their path through life!"



"Amazing Marise! You were wow! Marise Hyman is an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and energetic! Huge thanks for guiding us through such an extroardinary and intense journey"

"The limbic imprint recoding was one of the most profound experiences of re-parenting of my inner child that I have done (and I tried a couple of things already). Marise has a lot of knowledge and passion about early childhood trauma healing and self-development; she has done a remarkable inner work herself and you can feel it. I’m looking forward to continuing working with her. Thank you Marise for bringing this new and important inner work to Luxembourg and to us. Your energy makes it even more amazing and so special" 


"This was an amazing experience from start to finish. Thanks for doing this very useful work. It was a deep and memorable experience. Marise's guidance and energy are amazing! Also, this kind of healing work is very needed on our planet, so I highly recommend it. Tomas"

Woman in Nature

""Being a rather rational person I had quite some doubts about the "Birth into being method" and did the first try out only because I got a discount and wanted to treat myself to a break in the Soulspace (which in itself is indeed a balm for one's soul and I would rather call it SoulsSPA, Marise :)). And after two sessions I subscribed myself for a year. The sessions changed the way I perceive myself and consequently others and the world. It is not always a walk in the park but Marise is a facilitator worth her name and balances the hard work with rewards in the form of wonderful chilling very well. I have to mention here that after one of the sessions I started writing poetry (which I did last time when I was a child...and then forgot all about it) and recently I also started drawing, which I never did before. And there are some self-discoveries also at different levels. As well as self-expression. So as far as I am concerned... I indeed do recommend this program as well as any opportunity to visit Marise's Soulspace because if you are anything like me the place will swipe you off your feet :)"

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