Conscious Empowerment

J Wolynska, mom of 2

The full Birth into Being journey via monthly 2.5h sessions of Conscious Empowerment 

" I have started " Birth into Being" journey few months ago and I can only say I have never felt such a strong connection with myself  and thanks to the tools and methods learnt I can instantly self-help myself when I notice I’m emotionally off balance. 

  • Marise is an amazing guide, who takes you through different phases and deepness of the program and gently navigate you through the processes. 

  • It’s a way to rediscover yourself, connect to your inner child and inner Being and learn what Self-love and self-healing really means"

Laura, seeker

Emotional Release session

"..my experience working with Marise was very healing and I felt really supported. Her presence was amazing and I felt that everything happened that needed to happen. I came out the other side feeling wonderful and really seen and held by her. It was an incredible and transformational experience that she facilitated for me. I always feel some kind of need to some body work after the official "integration" is over and Marise ended up giving me some of the best Reiki I have ever had so that really helped with that need and was a really wonderful added bonus..."

Mihaela, mom of 2, PhD PSc

3 x 2.5h Conscious Empowerment Sessions - "Empowered Me by Marise"

"Working with Marise has marked the start of a new journey of self-discovery, emancipation and re-connecting to my feelings and needs. With Marise’s thoughtful guidance, commitment and generous support I was able to start understanding the interaction between the different systems of my brain and their respective needs, and how to tune into and recognise better each of these needs. I was able to feel and see in a new light some of my subconscious emotional ‘wounds’ that have been fuelling the same patterns of ineffective or self-sabotaging behavior. Marise has the unique talent to make you feel at home (the home you would have liked to grow up in) and in that safe space sharing my feelings, thoughts and needs came effortlessly. I feel stronger and more determined now to continue along this journey of inner healing and empowerment. Thank you, Marise!"

Joanna, mom of 2, seeker

Headtrash Clearance Session (Conscious Empowerment)

As in my life journey I have recently experienced to be at a life crossroad and being there for a little moment made me to arrive to the conclusion, that before  moving forward I need to help myself to clear my mind and heart from any unnecessary obstacles and self-believe limitations. I have decided trying a Concious Empowerment session with Marise and it was definitely a great move and good start to gain more clarity in my life and reinforce trust and connection with myself. 

Thank you Marise.


You are always inspiring and open others towards holistic ideas how to live a more harmonious and happy life.

After session 2:

Thank you again for taking me on this renewing journey of rebirthing into being. I am so grateful and happy for stepping onto this path. I have never felt so connected and happy with myself.
After our last session and woke up renewed and calm. Happy inside and very hungry but even eating was like a new experience for me. Mindful and I could see it got a new meaning at that moment. Following days were very harmonious and peaceful for me.I am looking forward to our next session.

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