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"Baby Shower" (with a twist)

Mother-blessing/Blessingway ritual

(Only available within Luxembourg)


As part of a traditional baby shower or in stead of a traditional baby shower, I can join your baby shower and add some fun and meaning for everyone to connect around a Mother-blessing/Blessing-way dance ritual for mama. 


With traditional baby showers, the focus is on baby and the material gifts. More and more women worldwide are making a come-back to more nurturing and meaningful rituals to mark & celebrate the significance of becoming a mother.


A mother-blessing ritual puts the focus on mama, filling her with love and support so she feels nurtured and reassured of her inner strength and outer support, marking & celebrating the sacred nature of her rite of passage

The following activities can be added to make this moment a special, meaningful event for everybody and an amazing day to treasure forever for mama.

I bring along candles, a beautiful circle center piece, fun and colourful coin scarves & flowy sashes, inspiration & affirmation cards, inspiring music and speaker and we share this beautiful moment together, woman-to-woman in circle. No dance experience needed. Anybody can do this :-)


 - Learn the "Baby Welcoming Dance" in dedication to mama

 - Learn the "Journey of a Mother" song & dance in dedication to mama


As Certified Dancing for Birth instructor, Doula, Holistic Childbirth educator, Healer and more, I understand the importance of mama's need to feel her circle of support. The specially designed dance moves as part of the ritual is not only fun, pleasurable and a liberating for any woman, mama will learn some valuable tools for optimal fetal positioning as well as creating a powerful surge of oxytocin, the key hormone in birth.

Total time 2h, cost €100/h (incl traveling to the event location in Luxembourg). Can also be adapted to an online experience.

A suggestion of gift for mama by the guests can be a deeply nourishing Postpartum Closing Ritual, marking the closing of her rite of passage, that I can provide for her at home during her postpartum period. More information here.




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