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"Calm Birth® is a sublime gift to us all. The positive impact of it on society cannot be overestimated"

Dr Christiane Northrup 


“In teaching Calm Birth meditation to parents-to-be, I noticed that they were able to renew their inner strength and handle stress throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenting. No matter what medical interventions or stresses may have occurred for the baby they appeared to be more calm and less stressed as well.”

Sandra Bardsley, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CM, President, APPAH author, Creating a Joyful Birth Experience

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“…based on meditation and the best principles of psychosomatic medicine… Calm Birth® compassionately guides expecting/new parents through carefully structured relaxation and meditation practices…An empowering alternative to the medicalization of birth, the techniques liberate us to channel innate wisdom into welcoming the newborn child in a truly life affirming way.” Thomas R. Verny, MD, DPsych, DHL, FRCPC, APPAH-founder, author The Secret Life of the Unborn Child & Tomorrow’s Baby

About Calm Birth®

Refined through 20 years of development and application, Calm Birth® is a unique and recognised meditation & breathing program for pregnancy, birth, and beyond based on 3 main evidence-based meditation practices introducing a new potential in childbirth through mind-body medicine. 

No matter what kind of birth, birthing families are empowered to retain present moment awareness in the face of challenges enabling a deeper connection to the body and its functions as well as to the new life entering our world, making it possible for women to access their inherent potential for an extraordinary experience in giving birth and for birth partners to participate in the experience.

Calm Birth offers a chance to regain a sense of the sacred in childbirth, whether or not medical interventions are used. Calm Birth is also highly encouraged in case of medical births. The immune system empowerment is ideal for potential side effects of anesthesia and speeds healing from invasive procedures. The Calm Birth practices can be used to remain connected with the body and with baby during any disconnecting medical interventions (whether planned/not) counteracting the disconnect.

A pregnant woman’s meditation practice always has dual benefits. The woman communicates psychologically and energetically, influencing the child to produce beneficial neurohormones and neurotransmitters. She also communicates hormonal benefits through her bloodstream to her child. The body will not work well if it is constantly overexerted and overstressed. Meditation is an opportunity to replenish the body’s stores, regain strength, rest and heal.

Calm Birth is founded by Dr Robert Bruce Newman and based on the clinical and research programs in the medical uses of meditation of the Harvard Medical School & the University of Massachusetts Medical Center after spending 20 years studying with meditation masters (also drs). With help from midwives, psychologists, + other professionals in the field Calm Birth® was fine-tuned and also accredited by the Association of pre & perinatal psychology & health.


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Enhanced immune & hormone systems
gold image only light.png
Stress reduction and the ability to cope with life’s challenges
gold image only light.png
Improved rest and sleep
gold image only light.png
Neuromuscular release and nervous system healing
gold image only light.png
Engaging life force at the cellular level increasing vitality in preparation for childbirth
gold image only light.png
Deeper bond with your partner, your baby and yourself
gold image only light.png
Self-empowering skills that carry through every breath of life


“Birth was a magical experience and I can not thank Marise enough for empowering me, making me believe in my inner force.

I  consciously chose to go as far as possible without medical intervention and we did it!

With strong mental focus you can all do it. "

—  Dara, Private Calm Birth sessions

Weekly Program


Week 1

  • Introductions, benefits & origins of Calm Birth

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • “Practice of Opening” theory

  • “Practice of Opening” meditation & discussion

  • Intensity Practice & discussion

  • Time left: Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” for the week: 26min daily


Week 2

  • “Home-play” experience discussion

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • “Womb Breathing” theory

  • “Womb Breathing” meditation & discussion

  • Time left: Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” for the week: 28min (ideally in morning) & 26 min (when resting) daily


Week 3

  • “Home-play” experience discussion

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • Discussion Mind vs Awareness

  • “Practice of Giving & Receiving/Healing” theory

  • “Practice of Giving & Receiving/Healing” meditation & discussion

  • Time left: Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” for the week: daily 28min (ideally in morning) & then 3 days 26 min (when resting) and 4 days 14min (later in day)


Week 4

  • “Home-play” experience discussion

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • Discussion of keeping & optimising a daily practice

  • Combining Calm Birth with Movement meditation

  • Discussion of Postpartum practices application

  • Intensity Practice & compare to week 1

  • Discussion on Intention

  • Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” until the birth: daily 28min (ideally in morning) & then on most days when possible additionally alternating between 26 min (when resting) or 14min (later in day)

  • Evaluations

  • Closing circle and good byes

Do you need more?

We are all starting our pregnancy journeys from different places – both in terms of knowledge about birth, our emotional “backpacks” from the past, our triggers and how we feel about birth (emotionally). 

This all plays a role in how our pregnancy, birth and parenthood will go.

Some people are fine with the basic Calm Birth course, learning to calm the mind and some people need extra education, clearance/integration and emotional support.


Very few people actually are conditioned by family, friends and media culture with accurate, helpful and empowering information on pregnancy and birth.


And many unfortunately have unresolved emotional “backpacks” from the past (conscious & unconscious), including and especially from their own entry into life and formative period, which deeply affects all outcomes.


And a high degree of fear is unfortunately common which intensifies our perception of birth sensations, leaving us prone to interventions and complications.


Furthermore, fully "being in the body" and the ability to connect to and welcoming the sensory messages from the body to provide guidance how to instinctively move, creating ease, pleasure as well as more space for baby to move down (= shorter and easier birth!) is a common area of lack for Western women today.  

That’s why I also offer additional options so that you feel supported, informed and cared for during this emotionally important time to make the right decisions for you.

Here are some extra options for you to choose from…

Do you need more calmbirth

Extra Option 1:

Add "A la carte"

Prenatal Doula Sessions

  • As many sessions as you like

  • Customised to your needs

  • 1.5h mini sessions or 2.5h full sessions

  • Private online/in-person sessions on any of the listed topics/themes/methods

  • Pricing can be viewed here incl. discount on blocks of sessions


Extra Option 2:

Upgrade to the discounted Program

"Conscious Birth -  Baby on the way"

  • 6-8 2.5h sessions (including 4 x 1.5h for the Calm Birth Course)

  • We will use the 1h left after the 4 x 1.5h calm birth slots + 2-4 2.5h sessions for any of the below topics

  • Customised to your needs

  • Private online/in-person sessions on any of the listed topics/themes/methods

  • Pricing can be viewed here for this discounted program

Topics/themes/methods to pick from when upgrading:

Empowered Pregnancy & Birth Education session: Overview of main areas to focus on for an empowered pregnancy & birth as well as an intro to Holistic Childbirth Education. (Requires 2.5h)
Holistic Childbirth Education session: a detailed dive into the educational ins and outs of childbirth incl. birth physiology, your rights, various comfort measures, tools and tips to help you determine your birth philosophy & wishes + efficient decision-making and how to communicate your wishes and stand up for yourself. (Requires 2.5h)
Dancing for Birth private or group sessions: Prepare & connect with your body & learn the basics of optimal fetal positioning, activating your innate instincts, boosting natural oxytocin (the love hormone = key birth hormone), making birth more pleasurable, shorter, easier. (Weekly in-person group class Tues 10-11am at my Soulspace studio in Helmsange OR private online/in-person 1.5h classes or 2.5h workshops - more info here)
Head Trash Clearance Method: clear blocks, fears, worries, anxieties, triggers re pregnancy/birth/new life change etc rapidly, manage your emotional state & build emotional resilience + learn to DIY, changing the way your body-mind perceives pain, (decreasing your risk of complications) Read more about the method.
Birth into Being Method: Clearing & re-coding to bliss any limiting trauma imprints in the body, brain & nervous system from your own entry into life (conception on), formative & later traumas with movement, tapping, visualisation, role-play, breath-work + more which will decrease your risk of complications in pregnancy, birth and relationships incl parenting baby. Read more about the method.
Relaxing Reiki: inviting your body systems to gentle balance with universal consciousness. With/without touch. Only available in Luxembourg.
BONUS: upgrade to 8 sessions (with Extra Option 2) and you also get to borrow the 4-disc DVD set series, great to watch with your partner so he’s also informed!: Happy Healthy Child - a holistic approach:  practical info & scientific research to understand medical interventions in birth learning from a range of experts, obstetricians, midwives, pediatricians, scientists, psychologists etc. (Only available in Luxembourg) 

Book Now

4 weekly 1.5h classes aimed at Expecting persons and their support partners.

1 booking is for 1 family, you can join with or w/o partner at no extra cost. If possible, I recommend to attend with your birth partner. ​Calm Birth is not only for the birthing person: these practices are ideally used to enhance bonds between the partner, birthing person, and womb-child.


  • €400 per family*

  • Virtual/in-person available


  • 280€ per family + small ticketing fee*

  • via zoom

  • Wed 18h30 - 20h00 CET

  • 4 Consecutive weeks at same time slot


  • €50 per family

    • Excluding purchase of book & audio's required not included. Once paid you will receive info to purchase: 

      • The book kindle version +/- €12 or paperback +/- €18

      • The home practice audio's: $15

  • go at your own pace from the comfort of your own home

  • 4 pre-corded 1.5h classes

  • Handouts

  • Guidance to start a daily meditation practise

Calm birth book now button




Virtual sessions:

  • Via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home! We know expecting parents are busy so replays are sent out to all registrants in case you miss a class so you can do the recorded group theory & practice in your own time :-)

  • Please download/update the latest version of Zoom, pretest your video & audio, then click call link at the start of the meeting to join. 24hrs before class, all registrants will receive secured call details. 

  • To get the most out of the course, please ensure you and your partner will have some uninterrupted quiet time in front of the computer, comfortably seated with spine upright for most of our practices but also for 1 of the practices to be able to lie down and be in view + hear your computer.

In-Person sessions:

  • In-person at my studio “Soulspace” in Helmsange* 

  • or your home in Luxembourg*

  • *Please refer *Cost & Cancellation section for in-person surcharges


  • Available on demand from the comfort of your own home. 



  • *Cost above is for 4 x 1.5h virtual online sessions during weekday office hours via zoom 

    • or option for private sessions:

      • +15% if in-home at yours in Lux

      • OR +10% if at my studio "Soulspace" in Helmsange 

    • option for private sessions: +15% if you prefer out of office hours (I have limited space for this though, subject to availability)

  • *Purchase of book & audio's required not included. Once registered you will receive info to purchase: 

    • The book kindle version +/- €12 or paperback +/- €18

    • The home practice audio's: $15

  • Energy exchange option available if cost is a problem for you, my hope is that all families have access to a Calm Birth. Please contact me with your exchange ideas.

  • Cancellation policy: 1 week before course starting date = refunds available



  • A drink

  • Notebook & pen to make notes

  • For Class 1 & 4, please ensure you have a few ice cubes/something frozen in your freezer that you can go grab when it's time for our intensity activity :-) Bring it in a cup/bowl along with paper towel.

  • Comfy clothes to wear

  • A comfortable space to sit upright for most of our practices but also for 1 of the practices to be able to lie down and be in view + hear your computer.

  • The handouts sent to you upon registration

  • For session 4 we will also guide you to integrate movement along with the Calm Birth practices so please anticipate that we will get up.

  • Please read the FQA below on "Homework" below to have an idea of recommended time to plan for outside of class.


"I feel prepared with methods to do a calm labour and enjoy the exciting experience, feeling aware and present at any moment with my baby throughout the entire process. I really enjoyed it! I'll use the learnings beyond my pregnancy/delivery/early parent life!"

—  Iria, Virtual group Calm Birth course

Are you ready to feel confident

and excited about your birth?

Let's do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Calm Birth for?

Birth is 90% mindset. Learning to calm the mind is an essential skill that all birthing people need to master. The thinking mind has an in-built negative brain-bias which helped humanity to evolve and survive. The thinking mind automatically creates thoughts (just like the heart pumps) and our thoughts create emotions, affecting our behaviour and due to the body-mind connection can interfere with the body’s instinctual ability to give birth (as all mammals do).


This feedback loop changes the way that our brain perceive the birth sensations, from being intense but copable/even pleasurable vs a feeling of intense pain and suffering.  If we let ourselves get lost in the negative fearful thoughts we also waste valuable energy that can be better spent connecting to the body and baby, allowing for collaboration. Shifting from mind to awareness is an essential skill all human beings and especially birthing people need to master if the aim is empowerment and centeredness. But if you always feel zen most of the time, even in challenging situations, then you probably won’t need this training ;-) 

What does calm in birth really mean?

“Calm” doesn’t mean passive: it means centered and grounded. You can be centered in your breath and your body during any kind of movement, or even any kind of emotion. You can bring calm to any situation, even if things look chaotic! These self-care meditation practices work with Western or alternative medicines. You can bring them to any kind of birth. You learn to breathe vital energy, the most complete kind of breathing. This empowers you to face any challenge centered in yourself, and connected with your body and baby.

How is Calm Birth different from other childbirth methodologies?

Calm Birth is unique from other childbirth methodologies in its application of ancient and modern meditation science to the pregnant and birthing body. No other methodologies teach complete breathing, channeling vital energy from the air into the body of parents and child. While most childbirth methodologies are focused on natural birth, Calm Birth applies to all types of childbirth. Additionally, while other childbirth methodologies end with birth, Calm Birth offers tools to empower parenthood and life itself.  Some techniques like self-hypnosis separate you from your body and your sensations of pain. While this works for some people, it’s not something you can do to deal with stress in everyday life... and it’s not ideal for people who have had trauma. Calm Birth teaches a way to be fully aware of yourself and to transform challenging sensations and emotions so you can work with your body and your body for an empowering birth experience.


When to start?

It is never too late or too early to start the practices—from preconception to active labor! Starting early in pregnancy increases the benefits for the entire family, but benefits will still be received no matter when you start. If you came upon Calm Birth very late in your pregnancy and can not fit in a 4 week program (ideal), 1 or 2 x 2.5h crash-course sessions could also help you. (book a session here)


Is there homework? Would I need to do anything else other than rock up to class? 

Yes. Your mind was conditioned a certain way for many many years. Through reading the prescribed book, in-class-practise and repetitive listening to the audio’s (as your "homeplay") we will playfully change that for the better so you can stay calm in any storm. Also, you are bonding with baby during this time which enables your baby to feel safe and freeing up inner resources for growing and learning. Furthermore, you are laying solid foundations for a connected parenting journey, the #1 protective factor in adverse teenage behaviour, seriously! 

So for best results, during each weekly class you will be prompted to gradually implement a meditation practice as part of “Homeplay” (I don’t believe in homework, this is play!) We take our play seriously and hope for the best outcomes possible, you do too :-)

The Calm Birth audios include 3 prenatal practices as well as 5 postnatal meditations too. 

Below is the daily time required if you follow the recommended homeplay: 

  • week 1: 26min pd

  • week 2: 28min morning + 26 min later in day

  • week 3: 28min morning + later in day - 3 days 26min (when resting/falling asleep) and 4 days 13min

  • week 4: and until the birth 28min morning + later in day - either the 26min (when resting/falling asleep) or 13min practise


How does this help my baby?

A pregnant woman’s meditation practice always has dual benefits. The woman communicates psychologically and energetically, influencing the child to produce beneficial neurohormones and neurotransmitters. She also communicates hormonal benefits through her bloodstream to her child. The body will not work well if it is constantly overexerted and overstressed. The Calm Birth meditation practices are an opportunity to replenish the body’s stores, regain strength, rest and heal. Furthermore, the prenatal practices are all created with baby’s aware and sentient consciousness in mind, fostering deep connection and bonding as pre & perinatal psychology informs us of immense benefits from prenatal bonding, e.g. enhanced visual, auditory & motor development + linguistic skills, better sleep, higher levels of being alert, confidence, contentment than infants not stimulated, stronger attachment bond, better family cohesion, higher IQ, better neurological & mental development, better muscular tone.


Is this mindfulness?

Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of your sensations and your surroundings in the present moment. Calm Birth’s meditations teach that, and more: they teach you how to be aware of the energy that connects all beings, and how to use it fully.


What if I have many strong fears/unresolved emotional energies/have had a difficult birth experience before/had a painful childhood? Will this even help me?


A fearful and/or traumatised mind in birth creates tension in the body which makes the birth sensations feel stronger due to the fear-tension-pain cycle, increasing risks & complications. We all have conscious & unconscious birth fears to some degree based on our beliefs, our cultural programming (how your family & friends speak about birth, the media and the drama in birth they like to emphasise) unresolved unconscious limiting beliefs & emotions from being born ourselves as well as other life traumas/losses. Furthermore, anyone’s fears in the birth room affects the birth since we are all connected.

The good news is that you can transform and clear your fears and traumas and increase your chance for a positive, empowering experience :-)

The Calm Birth method teaches you to face suffering or fear, in yourself or someone else, with the ability to transform it into healing through consistent practice of the audio’s in class and in your “home-play”. This alone is enough for many people.  

  • But for those of you that feel you may have a higher volume or more severe level of fears and/or unintegrated emotional energy from your past and that you would like a more direct method of dealing with them, I use 2 powerful methods which you can easily add as Extras when booking

    • Certified in the Birth into Being method I work with individuals:

      • Seeking emotional healing & self-empowerment 

      • But also future parents seeking to conceive or prepare for birth by clearing out their emotional closets as well as healing their own births

      • The rich method involves movement, music, breathwork, visualisation, role-play, altered states, journaling, tapping, touch by working with the body and all 3 parts of the brain and subconscious.

      • It was used to prepare families holistically to birth in the black sea in Russia in the 80’s as part of the conscious birth movement where no medical support was available. The fact that no complications ever occurred is testament to the fact that it works. When we have resolved emotional energies from the past, including our own births, we can birth (or live creatively) more freely and decrease our risk for complications and the traumas are not passed on to the next generation.

      • The amount of sessions needed will depend on your needs & background and can be done online/in-person. You also do not need to know the details of your conception/birth to recode it.

    • Trained as Fearless Birthing professional with the headtrash clearance method, I work directly with the subconscious through a therapeutic energy psychology technique of reflective repatterning used to directly remove the fear, anxiety, emotional imbalances and stress response in the body-mind using the law of neutrality and the law of opposites.

      • The method brings rapid results for mild and deep-rooted fears

      • Mild fears (e.g. fear of unknown) often from media/culture & being misinformed etc) can be alleviated via proper education 

      • Deep-rooted fears (causes a subconscious reaction in body) can not be alleviated via just education:

        • requires engaging with the subconscious mind (which rules 95% of our behaviours)

        • traditional talk therapy is not enough

        • needs newer alternative methods e.g. energy psychology working with the subconscious and the body (aka the “body-mind”

      • In clearance sessions you will hold specific points to activate the body-mind program and after energy-testing I will repeat certain phrases to clear. Minimum time needed for 1 piece of clearance is 1.5h

      • You can also learn to do it on your own once you are able to pinpoint your fears. Can do a clearance in 3-20 min depending on strength of fear. (some fears need more unraveling especially if connected to a trauma). Can even be used in between labour waves/surges (contractions) to clear fears/blocks coming up.

      • It is also possible to work with your fears without having to tell them to me as long as you know what they are and can identify them.

      • The amount of sessions needed will depend on your needs & background and can be done online/in-person.

4 Simple Sleep Tips!

Learn four Simple Steps to healthy Sleep for your newborn baby on the way!

Mother of two, Preconception Prenatal & Parenthood Doula, Marise Hyman provides worldwide coaching, healing and education in preparing for an empowered conception, pregnancy, birth, life and parenthood journey.

She is an IMPI Peri-natal Coach/Educator, IMPI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Practitioner, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, “Becoming Us” Facilitator, Dancing for Birth™ Instructor, Birth Advocate, Holistic Childbirth Educator, Reiki Practitioner, Fearless Birthing Professional, "Birth into Being" Facilitator (L1-4), Calm Birth Teacher as well as a Self-Empowerment coach/healer for women.

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