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"Calm Birth® is a sublime gift to us all. The positive impact of it on society cannot be overestimated"

Dr Christiane Northrup 


“In teaching Calm Birth meditation to parents-to-be, I noticed that they were able to renew their inner strength and handle stress throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenting. No matter what medical interventions or stresses may have occurred for the baby they appeared to be more calm and less stressed as well.”

Sandra Bardsley, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CM, President, APPAH author, Creating a Joyful Birth Experience

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“…based on meditation and the best principles of psychosomatic medicine… Calm Birth® compassionately guides expecting/new parents through carefully structured relaxation and meditation practices…An empowering alternative to the medicalization of birth, the techniques liberate us to channel innate wisdom into welcoming the newborn child in a truly life affirming way.” Thomas R. Verny, MD, DPsych, DHL, FRCPC, APPAH-founder, author The Secret Life of the Unborn Child & Tomorrow’s Baby

About Calm Birth®

Refined through 20 years of development and application, Calm Birth® is a unique and recognised meditation & breathing program for pregnancy, birth, and beyond based on 3 main evidence-based meditation practices introducing a new potential in childbirth through mind-body medicine. 

No matter what kind of birth, birthing families are empowered to retain present moment awareness in the face of challenges enabling a deeper connection to the body and its functions as well as to the new life entering our world, making it possible for women to access their inherent potential for an extraordinary experience in giving birth and for birth partners to participate in the experience.

Calm Birth offers a chance to regain a sense of the sacred in childbirth, whether or not medical interventions are used. Calm Birth is also highly encouraged in case of medical births. The immune system empowerment is ideal for potential side effects of anesthesia and speeds healing from invasive procedures. The Calm Birth practices can be used to remain connected with the body and with baby during any disconnecting medical interventions (whether planned/not) counteracting the disconnect.

A pregnant woman’s meditation practice always has dual benefits. The woman communicates psychologically and energetically, influencing the child to produce beneficial neurohormones and neurotransmitters. She also communicates hormonal benefits through her bloodstream to her child. The body will not work well if it is constantly overexerted and overstressed. Meditation is an opportunity to replenish the body’s stores, regain strength, rest and heal.

Calm Birth is founded by Dr Robert Bruce Newman and based on the clinical and research programs in the medical uses of meditation of the Harvard Medical School & the University of Massachusetts Medical Center after spending 20 years studying with meditation masters (also drs). With help from midwives, psychologists, + other professionals in the field Calm Birth® was fine-tuned and also accredited by the Association of pre & perinatal psychology & health.


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Enhanced immune & hormone systems
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Stress reduction and the ability to cope with life’s challenges
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Improved rest and sleep
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Neuromuscular release and nervous system healing
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Engaging life force at the cellular level increasing vitality in preparation for childbirth
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Deeper bond with your partner, your baby and yourself
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Self-empowering skills that carry through every breath of life


“Birth was a magical experience and I can not thank Marise enough for empowering me, making me believe in my inner force.

I  consciously chose to go as far as possible without medical intervention and we did it!

With strong mental focus you can all do it. "

—  Dara, Private Calm Birth sessions

Weekly Program


Week 1

  • Introductions, benefits & origins of Calm Birth

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • “Practice of Opening” theory

  • “Practice of Opening” meditation & discussion

  • Intensity Practice & discussion

  • Time left: Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” for the week: 26min daily


Week 2

  • “Home-play” experience discussion

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • “Womb Breathing” theory

  • “Womb Breathing” meditation & discussion

  • Time left: Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” for the week: 28min (ideally in morning) & 26 min (when resting) daily


Week 3

  • “Home-play” experience discussion

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • Discussion Mind vs Awareness

  • “Practice of Giving & Receiving/Healing” theory

  • “Practice of Giving & Receiving/Healing” meditation & discussion

  • Time left: Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” for the week: daily 28min (ideally in morning) & then 3 days 26 min (when resting) and 4 days 14min (later in day)


Week 4

  • “Home-play” experience discussion

  • “3 Steps to Power” guided Meditation

  • Discussion of keeping & optimising a daily practice

  • Combining Calm Birth with Movement meditation

  • Discussion of Postpartum practices application

  • Intensity Practice & compare to week 1

  • Discussion on Intention

  • Birth Wisdom incl Comfort Measures, Dancing for Birth principles etc

  • Discuss “home-play” until the birth: daily 28min (ideally in morning) & then on most days when possible additionally alternating between 26 min (when resting) or 14min (later in day)

  • Evaluations

  • Closing circle and good byes

Do you need more?

We are all starting our pregnancy journeys from different places – both in terms of knowledge about birth, our emotional “backpacks” from the past, our triggers and how we feel about birth (emotionally). 

This all plays a role in how our pregnancy, birth and parenthood will go.

Some people are fine with the basic Calm Birth course, learning to calm the mind and some people need extra education, clearance/integration and emotional support.


Very few people actually are conditioned by family, friends and media culture with accurate, helpful and empowering information on pregnancy and birth.


And many unfortunately have unresolved emotional “backpacks” from the past (conscious & unconscious), including and especially from their own entry into life and formative period, which deeply affects all outcomes.


And a high degree of fear is unfortunately common which intensifies our perception of birth sensations, leaving us prone to interventions and complications.


Furthermore, fully "being in the body" and the ability to connect to and welcoming the sensory messages from the body to provide guidance how to instinctively move, creating ease, pleasure as well as more space for baby to move down (= shorter and easier birth!) is a common area of lack for Western women today.  

That’s why I also offer additional options so that you feel supported, informed and cared for during this emotionally important time to make the right decisions for you.

Here are some extra options for you to choose from…

Do you need more calmbirth

Extra Option 1:

Add "A la carte"

Prenatal Doula Sessions

  • As many sessions as you like

  • Customised to your needs

  • 1.5h mini sessions or 2.5h full sessions

  • Private online/in-person sessions on any of the listed topics/themes/methods

  • Pricing can be viewed here incl. discount on blocks of sessions


Extra Option 2:

Upgrade to the discounted Program

"Conscious Birth -  Baby on the way"

  • 6-8 2.5h sessions (including 4 x 1.5h for the Calm Birth Course)

  • We will use the 1h left after the 4 x 1.5h calm birth slots + 2-4 2.5h sessions for any of the below topics

  • Customised to your needs

  • Private online/in-person sessions on any of the listed topics/themes/methods

  • Pricing can be viewed here for this discounted program

Topics/themes/methods to pick from when upgrading: