Birth into Being Method

"A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don't know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox's or bear's, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there."

Meister Eckart

Our wish and our goal at Birth Into Being is that all humans have an intact ability to love, fearlessly. 


The Birth Into Being Method created by Elena Tonetti Vladimirova offers a 2nd chance to experience everything we needed to experience as babies, children and teens, if what we did experience during this identity-shaping time was less than BLISSful. Much love and gratitude to our parents who did their best with what they had, there is no blaming, it's not about them but about our choice to grow now. Even a good childhood has things in it we may wish to change, as none of us, including our parents, get it perfect all of the time.

Birth Into Being offers a very effective, practical way of resolving the core issues that are holding us back in life: in our relationships, career, health, being creative, spiritual search, from having a positive healthy birth experience of giving birth, parenting etc, via recovering our nervous system from the early imprints and restoring our natural state of having a healthy and creative lifestyle...

so one can fully experience the RICHNESS of being ALIVE,

and learn to truly FEEL such values as PEACE, LOVE, INTIMACY and JOY.

The Birth into Being Method allows you to:

  • Strengthen your sense of belonging and well-being

  • Deepen connection with your Higher Self, other people, and the Source of Life

  • Gain new reference points in your nervous system for greater ability of intimacy and creativity

  • Fearlessly birth a new project, new baby, and/or new You!

Within every cell of our bodies we carry an "imprint" (called Limbic Imprint) that begins to establish before we are born.  If our emotional body is overwhelmed during this formative period, then a lifetime of ineffective coping strategies and behavioral patterns will ensue. The Birth Into Being Method directly addresses this by transforming our Limbic Imprint, thus allowing us to access the intelligence of nature's creative Power.

This safe and effective Method...


...brilliantly interweaves epigenetics and neuroplasticity with the richness of storytelling, visualization, breath-work, role-play, gentle touch, specific movement, embodiment techniques, tapping, journaling and deep heart-centered connection within the powerful vortex of the BIRTHING FIELD, a self-organising, coherent field of infinite potentiality in creation.

The Method can be complementary to any other therapy/counseling you are undertaking and will not interfere.

Who does it benefit?


  • Those who seek more harmony and ease in their lives, relationships, sense of Self, career, health, ability to express creativity

  • Seekers -those who long for their own conscious evolution and to contribute to global unity, seeking freedom from limiting emotional imprints of their formative period.

  • Future Parents - regardless of proximity to birth, those interested in conscious birth and increasing their chances of having a positive, healthy, connected and embodied experience. (see below)

  • Birth Attendants - birth professionals or those who are preparing to support someone in a birth process.

  • Specific Needs- those who are dealing with particular issues (e.g. miscarriage, addiction, low self-esteem, poor problem-solving skills, primal fear of living, short attention span, grieving the loss of a loved one, longing to find your purpose, seeking meaning in life, ).

  • Those that have explored various modalities but still feels like something is missing in their healing/growth journey...

  • Those who want to uncover and reprogram limiting repeating patterns in their lives.

What are the outcomes?

  • For Seekers of Balance in Life - Transform Chaos to Harmony

  • Enhance your ability to create the outcomes in life you want.

  • Develop a deeper sense of Self, self-awareness, and become more of who you really are.

  • Expand your capacity and resilience in handling and overcoming stress.  

  • Enhance your ability to connect with others, and start seeing the world in a way that serves you.

  • Restores your innate ability to give and receive love unconditionally, freely, restores intimacy.

  • Increase personal effectiveness by breaking through old limiting patterns of self-doubt, procrastination, fear, and negativity.

  • Eliminate physical symptoms in the body caused by underlying emotional baggage

Me and Elena...

Me and Elena...

...during a training.

The Nesting ground...

The Nesting ground...

for a Limbic Imprint Recoding session

Inner Freedom...

Inner Freedom...



Ready? part with your negative patterns?

The BIB Method..

The BIB Method..

is transformational...

Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting and Conscious Conception - Preparing the landing groud... 

Elena Tonetti Vladimirova began developing this Method while still living in her native Russia. During the mid-80's, she was one of the organizers of the Conscious Birth movement in Russia. She worked with future parents to prepare them for home birth and, in summer, for birthing in the warm waters of the Black Sea, far away from medical personnel or facilities. The absence of any complications at the birth camps was a high testimony to the efficiency of the method.

"A Force Such as the World Has Never Known: Women Creating Change", the book commissioned by the UN in 2014, features Elena  as one of 30 of the most influential women worldwide. She's been speaking at countless conferences and her award winning documentary "Birth As We Know It" (2006), translated into 15 languages, was seen by millions of people in over 60 countries. Although the 4hr long DVD covers only a fraction of the topics offered by the Birth Into Being Method (the actual Method goes far beyond birth), the film shows the significance of our understanding of our origins, and also makes a huge impact on correcting the damaged reputation of childbirth. This film is highly recommended viewing for everyone, especially future parents & all birth workers.

How the Method can help Future Parents:


  • Learn the importance of every stage of birth, from conception to the third year of life, and the impact it has on your child’s self-perception, intelligence, and concept of the world in their adult life.

  • For mom and dad/partner, heal your own imprints to clear your negative emotional, mental and physical patterns from imprinting your baby and affecting the stages of birth in the birthing field.

  • Dramatically reduce the likelihood of birth complications, thus creating a harmonious and pleasant start to your baby’s life.

  • Learn how birth can be a pleasurable and positive experience. 

  • For the Father/Partner-to-be:

    • Learn to be fully present, support the Mother and baby, and really be part of the birthing experience.

  • Gain clarity about how to become the best role models for your children (without having to do everything right, know everything, and be perfect!).

It is never too early to start this work. More and more couples already start this work as part of Conscious Conception, before they enter the conception journey when limiting imprints start showing up (as gifts to release) and can result in a bumpy journey ahead if not addressed.

This Method is wonderfully complementary to my other certifications & trainings. Take a look here at my Maternity Coaching services.


For Birth Attendants: Professionals & Family - Be the Best Support you can be

  • Heal your own limiting birth & formative imprints to prevent possible complications during delivery and positively impact the imprint the newborn is receiving.

  • Learn how everyone who attends the delivery of a child (including the doctor, midwife, doula, nurse, family member or a supporting friend) wields influence on the situation.

How many sessions would be right for me?

Any amount will benefit you, however if you are sick and tired of the patterns in your life (caused by outdated & limiting unconscious programs from your limbic imprint) holding you back and READY for the life you're really meant to live:

  • In 6 x 2.5h CONSCIOUS EMPOWERMENT sessions you can "acquire new software"

  • 4 more sessions will also install your new software"

  • 4 more sessions: you will "lean how to use your new software",

  • 4 more sessions is to practice together to use your powerful new software!

Then put on your boots and get ready to meet the REAL YOU! WHOOHOO!

Ready to look at the pain in your life head on and use it as an invitation to grow?

More info

  • For pricing, location options and how I work in sessions please refer to my Self-Empowerment/Conscious Empowerment services pricing here.

  • Keep in mind that sessions work just as well in an online format though if have the possibility to come to my studio "Soulspace" in Helmsange, Luxembourg you are very welcome, it's always nice to change scenery and get out :-)

  • During our sessions, even though our main focus will be using the Birth into Being Method that you signed up for, I also bring all my other gifts & skills to the table as they are needed, like I do in all my healing services.

  • Please note that I am not a psychologist, psychotherapist or doctor and do not claim to be. 

  • Upon booking, I will need to know how frequent you would like to do your sessions. Weekly or more frequent (depending if my calendar allows), bi-weekly, monthly, or just asap as soon as we can both fit the sessions into our calendar. There is no right or wrong here. It depends on your goals and needs. Also keep in mind that after each session, for best results you will need time for integration in your system of the work we’ve done e.g. alone time to relax without responsibilities and interruptions, drink water and sleep or journal, float in a pool or to spend time in nature are great ways to integrate and not rush back into the race of life immediately after your session. This aids the self-healing process.

  • If you are interested but have some remaining questions or doubts, you are welcome to schedule a free 30min Discovery Call here

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