Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep

Parents do not have to choose between attachment with their babies OR sleep... They can have both (when the time is right).

As Certified Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Practitioner, I am thrilled to be a part of the first Integrative, Holistic Sleep Education organisation to pioneer and include Emotional Well-being of the whole family, nutrition, green awareness, protection of the breastfeeding relationship, the attachment relationship and so much more in our sleep work. 

I don't do "Sleep Training" - only Sleep Optimization™ by addressing underlying foundational elements and focus on the holistic needs of baby and parent, to restore balance and invite a lifestyle that supports sleep.

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My Approach:


I apply the Holistic Science of Sleep Method™, an adult and child sleep system that combines Holistic Thinking and Application with a Scientific Method to provide long term and balanced solutions to adult and child sleep challenges.


The underlying principles of this method is that sleep is a natural function of the human body that does not need to be taught or trained. It's a matter of addressing the things that are interfering with the body's natural rhythms, and inviting a lifestyle for the whole family that supports sleep.


When I work with a family, I evaluate the entire context for sleep – the physical, emotional, social, developmental and environmental factors and I see the family as an interdependent unit.


How I work is by:


  • Assessing each Sleep Foundation, first and foremost,

  • And as part of Foundations, also building on Family ConnectionEmotional Well-being and emotional release for the parent (which speeds up the sleep coaching process as subconscious blocks are eliminated which is key since all members of family including pets functions as 1 central nervous system)

  • And ONLY if needed, blending a mix of the most gentle behavioural approaches that I find appropriate for the family (this is rarely needed if foundations are in place)


This is a new way of thinking as what you typically see in mainstream sleep services are recommendations based solely on behavioural techniques which may not get to the root of problems and rarely focus on the uniqueness of the family as well as emotional wellbeing/connection component of the family.


And therefore, to obtain a Tailored Solution, guidance and support that brings your family closer and improve overall quality of life, sleep challenges require a thorough investigation (Midi/Maxi Sleep Package recommended).









By being proactive however - a family can sign up for Educational Sessions during Pregnancy that will Empower them to gain confidence in their abilities and an understanding of the natural sleep process and how to enhance and support it while at the same time fostering a deep attachment with their baby and each other...


Education on Sleep is currently a huge knowledge gap in Standard Antenatal/Prenatal Preparation Group Classes on the market...

"...Marise provided great advice without judgments that led to concrete and amazing results. She followed up with us on a regular basis and responded to each of our calls and emails in an extremely timely manner.  Our son showed incredible improvement and he is now sleeping through the night and napping on a consistent basis.  We are so happy we found her and we absolutely recommend her!"

- Fanny & Martin -