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Postpartum Closing Ritual

Enjoy a beautifully relaxing postpartum ritual to conclude the birth-work you have been doing. All along pregnancy the focus of our body, our bones, our energy is to expand, release and open.

This ritual is performed to stand still and celebrate the right of passage you have just crossed and to help draw your energy back into you after 9 months of expanding and opening. My take on it is inspired from the traditional "closing the bones" ceremony done in traditional cultures.

Duration of session: 2.5h

Location & Cost: €165 +10% if at my studio Soulspace in Bereldange or 15% in-home fee at your home in Luxembourg.

We start off with a chat about your journey so far. If baby will be with you during the session, we will wait to start the reclining part of the session until baby sleeps. (I can help you with that too if needed). Until then, we will gently release trapped emotions in your body-mind (subconscious) after energy testing. 


Once baby sleeps and you are laying down surrounded by candles, I will guide you to a special breathing method, connecting with your energy body.

I then gently wrap your body with colourful traditional rebozo scarfs and gentle, soothing, rocking motions. Optionally, once cocooned, as Reiki 1 practitioner, I then lay Reiki hands on you to enhance your body’s natural healing abilities and encourage your system into balance. I say a special blessing for you along with my sound bowel, unwrap you slowly and reveal the Goddess card that chose you, bringing guidance & wisdom for your journey onward...

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