Holistic Weaning (Solid Foods Introduction)

(One-on-One Education/Support)

After being born, entering the world of food is probably your baby’s biggest next step and is often a confusing time for mothers as there is so much conflicting information available.


I can help however!


I prepare new parents to make informed choices when it’s time for baby to explore the world of food. During my holistic weaning workshop/support we discuss all the topics where you will be faced with choices.


I provide you with current information, the practical know-how of how to cook and simple solutions to prevent common pitfalls down the line…


Perhaps you have attended a group workshop and need coaching 1-on-1 support to get you to the next level


You would like to book a private workshop in Luxembourg or even and online workshop (for yourself/a group of friends) on a date that suits you.



Holistic Weaning Workshop – Getting started


  • When (not) to start (guidance as per the Luxembourg’s Ministry of Health (LMH), World Health Organisation (WHO), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), UK Department of health, European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)


  • Baby-led weaning (hot topic) versus traditional weaning and best of both worlds!


  • What to buy (or rather what not to buy), including where to buy it and suggested reading, useful links


  • Store bought jars vs mama’s own cooking (I encourage wholesome home made cooking but there is a time and a place for jars as well, we are not all super mamas! Learn how to super-charge store bought food)


  • What to avoid giving your baby:  Our focus is on good quality, real food and eliminating processed products


  • Options for First foods and a live demonstration of how to cook it (Note: I am not a nutritionist and do not provide any advice on nutrition, a strong emphasis is being placed on carefully introducing easy to digest, real food and having the appropriate discussion with your health professional)


  • Tips to prevent a fussy eater


  • The healing powers of fermented products, bone broth, coconut oil etc


  • There is no “one size fits all” approach – learn to read your baby and what to do when reactions arise


  • Your attitude, how you talk about food and the relationship with food your baby is starting, modeling behaviour that will set your child up for success


  • Quality of food


  • Beverages


  • Freezing/storing and know your plastics


  • Greening & environmental toxins, EMF pollution


  • Common issues


  • Options of when and how to feed baby


  • Questions to ask your health professional


Booking info:
  • Once your booking is booked & confirmed, you will receive:

    • An extensive resource document with useful information and links (see*)

    • All the presentation handouts including many additional resources (recipes, food introduction progression charts and bonus materials), all in electronic format. (see*)

  • We recommend that you work through the information before our time together and make a list of your questions so we can efficiently address them all in our time together.

  • During an individual session, we will then spend time on your specific questions and key areas for your family.:


* In order to qualify for receiving the online resources, please book a  2.5h session with me - please refer DOULA sessions section here, for sessions pricing & location options. Thereafter, you are welcome to book follow-up sessions of 1.5h/2.5h as needed so you feel properly supported.

Package deal: Booking 3 sessions at the onset (e.g. 2.5h initial session + 2 follow up sessions of 1.5h/2.5h) qualifies for a block discount of 5%


When to book: 

My calendar is quite full, so to avoid disappointment, please book early. It is never too early to start learning and take a good look at your family’s current dietary intake. This way, you can set the stage for success by the time your baby joins in on the fun.


Any information provided during these support services is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for advice from a qualified nutritionist or pediatrician. Talk with your pediatrician about any questions you may have.

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