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Resilience & Leadership

Office Coffee Break

“Emotional Resilience is a key quality to get good at anything!"


" You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”   Plato

Organisations & teams today lack Resilience to the unprecedented amount of change in today's business climate, impacting employee engagement, top talent attraction, retention and finally productivity/business performance and customer service.

Employee retention continues to weigh heavily on budgets. According to PwC research, 26% of all survey respondents said they were likely to change jobs in the next 12 months (up from 19% in 2022). 


The need for a people-centric work culture is rising, and quickly. This is likely the most effective solution — and the most practical — that HR leaders can lean on in 2024. (Inspirus)

These issues are further driven by:

  • the increasingly costly psycho-social burden of poor mental health, stress, anxiety and burnout in the workplace (annually costing €180 billion to the EU Workforce),

  • along with the lack of having a "Trusting Teams" culture.

It is especially harder with post-covid changes where remote/hybrid teams are common yet no blueprint exist to drive a people-centric culture change...

The good news is, it's truly an exciting time to be part of the #resiliencerevolution !


With the backdrop of an ever-changing business climate, building and #seedingresilience 🌱 is not only a personal skill, but also a strategic advantage for any business that wants to survive, thrive and transform corporate culture to human-centric environments that fosters Well-being, Resilience and responsible Leadership.


What is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulties and maintain a positive outlook despite setbacks. Resilient employees are more likely to handle change well, as they can adapt to new situations, overcome obstacles, and learn from feedback.


Resilience Training & Development in the Workplace:

🌱 Is essential in Leadership skills!

🌱 Reduces absenteeism, turnover,

🌱 Retains talent

🌱 Reduces burnout

🌱 Seeds human engagement, performance & innovation

🌱 Improves performance, productivity, customer service.

    ("Organisations that prioritise emotional wellbeing see a 26% increase in employee performance" (Garter))

🌱 Reduces costs

🌱 Increases the bottom line

🌱 Is a vital strategic priority

🌱 Provides a competitive edge

🌱 Aligns closely with ESG Values of Social Impact, Transparent Governance and Sustainable Performance

🌱 Is a transformative super-power towards a thriving people-centric workplace

Concretely, drawing upon my 1st-hand experience of stress and burnout in the corporate setting, I blended my multi-culti multiple career background and overcoming of personal challenge to innovate Holistic Resilience & Leadership Development Programs based on my transformative Trauma-informed, Somatic E-IQ Methods is a human-centric, neuro-scientific, interplay of head (engagement 🧠), heart (happiness 🫀) and neuro-economics, a propellant 🚀 to Conscious Leadership and highly engagement teams (boosting sales by 18% and profits by 25% Inspirus).

Designed to be tailored around your unique enterprise-specific needs, goals, leaders and talent, my interventions: 

  • Relieve the psycho-social burden of stress, anxiety, improve mental health and prevent burnout as well as help reintegration after burnout with Emotional 1staid and Recharge.

  • Bring about more productivity, efficiency, mental fitness and innovation = top performance!

  • Leadership skills, especially Feminine Leadership and skills to foster inclusion

  • Clear Head-Trash & limiting beliefs that stands in the way of Emotional Wellbeing, healthy work relationships and productivity

  • Support human talent and leaders to feel seen, heard and cared for, so in turn they can perform better

  • Motivate human talent, leaders and teams to think on their feet, be more dedicated and dynamic, take initiative, increase their ability to access creative solutions, innovative thinking and better manage change and unexpected organisational challenges.

  • Recognise that professional AND personal challenges impact each individual's ability to navigate workplace complexities and seamlessly integrates 'Life Trauma Integration,' addressing both personal and workplace traumas that may hinder resilience.

  • Fosters a Trauma-Informed Resilience culture that empowers overcoming adversity, fuelling organisational success

  • Boost communication skills, encourage stronger connections and learn to resolve conflict in healthy ways

  • Boost engagement and enliven human talent, leaders and teams, to create an inspiring, connected company culture with empathy, trust and healthy reflection.

  • Offer a humoristic, non-ordinary playful approaches that work! - because we access the humane intelligence of each individual coming together as group intelligence.

If you nodded to any of the above...

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Let's hop on a Discovery Call and explore together the blocks holding your Professional team/organisation back, and how you can shift to true Resilience, Heart-centered effective Leadership and true Wellbeing at Work

Meet your Facilitator,
Marise Hyman


Originally from South Africa, resident in Luxembourg since 2009, after multiple reinventions Marise’s strong, resourceful nature, paired with a passion for human-centric, sustainable values, and a hunger to learn and grow is evident from her career in Finance followed by a drastic career-change to the Self-Growth field. With the end result sustainable business growth, cost-savings and innovation, her zone of genius will afford you Top talent attraction, Engagement, Retention & Resilient Wellbeing in line with ESG Values.


Blending her multi-culti multiple career background, 1st-hand experience of corporate stress & burnout and overcoming of personal life challenges, she innovated Holistic Resilience & Leadership Development programs based on her transformative Trauma-informed, Somatic E-IQ Method. This Neuro-scientific interplay of head (engagement 🧠), heart (happiness 🫀) and neuro-economics is your propellant 🚀 to Conscious Leadership and highly engagement teams.


  • She is a Trauma-Therapeutic Embodiment Expert in Resilience & Leadership and has been facilitating transformational experiences since 2013 until current (in-person & online globally) in Emotional Resilience, Emotional IQ, Mental Health/Fitness, Burnout prevention, Social-Emotional IQ (Neuro-economics, Relationships & Conflict), Life Trauma (PTSD) & Complex Trauma (CPTSD) - the major hidden cause of stress & burnout as well as Preconception to Parenting.


  • Self-led by nature, her strong Leadership skills shines through in several domains:

    • SA Chartered Accountant & Auditor (7yr), 1st time pass for both Qualifying Board Exams 2005

    • Finance/Auditing 16 years experience globally until 2013, incl Big 4:

      • Audit Traineeship then promoted to Partner - small-medium audit firm in SA 2005

      • Senior Associate Audit of Hedge Funds - PwC Cayman Islands 2006-2008

      • Senior associate, then Audit Investment Funds Manager PwC Lux 2009-2013

      • Cross-cultural integration to expat life from SA to Luxembourg via the Cayman Islands in 2009.

    • Career change and own business startup since 2013: Trauma-Therapeutic Self-growth & Relationship Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Healer and Doula

    • Founded a Human-centric NGO serving Lux parent community, advocating for Mental Health, sustainable parenting, Human Rights in Childbirth (2014 - 2020): Hosted Luxembourg’s 1st Birth Culture Brunch in 2018 advocating for Human-centric Maternity Care.


  • Overcoming a smorgasbord of personal challenges, equipped her with an embodied understanding of Resilience and “Diversity & Inclusion” themes:

    • Early life trauma,

    • Growing up in the Apartheid conflict & transitions in SA,

    • Raising a conscious family as an expat in Lux since 2011,

    • Conscious uncoupling after 25 yr partnership with SA husband “who came out late” as Homosexual in 2021 (she understands the contrasting dynamics of D&I in a hetero-normative society).

"Amazing Marise! You were wow! Marise Hyman is an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and energetic! Huge thanks for guiding us through such an extroardinary and intense journey"


—  Elena - Marketing executive

90% of your life...

90% of your life...

Comes from subconscious programming...

It is possible

It is possible

To calm the chatter...

Workplace Wellbeing PRICING:

workplace wellbeing pricing

1.5h Mini Session



2.5h Full Session


More info

  • Prices are for virtual face-to-face sessions via Zoom during office hours for groups or individual workplace coaching/training.

  • For sessions in-person at your workplace in Luxembourg - please add 15%

  • Out-of-office hours, a surcharge of 15% is added (subject to availability and feasibility for me)

  • Payments are due in full 1 day in advance of sessions/programs unless otherwise indicated/agreed.

  • In between sessions, I may suggest some specific "home-play" (vs home-work ;-) to further deepen your growth.

  • In advance of beginning you will complete a confidential online intake form enabling me to align our intentions and customise a unique program for your workplace/team members.

  • See below for customisable Workplace Workshops/Programs on offer

Holistic Resilience & Leadership Development Programs

  • Team-building/Playcircles:

    • Resilience Wellbeing PlayCircle Workshops:

      • Download my brochure here and get excited!

      • Highly engaging and energetic, Half-day - 4h: €760, Full-day - 8h: €1,520

      • Shorter “lunch & learn” format: €190/h (min 1h/45min), In-person: add 15%

      • Customisable or choose from our tried and trusted options:

        • Emotional IQ Safari / Emo Resilience Power-hour / Resilience Recharge / Team Resilience Burst / Social-IQ / Cultural IQ / African Groove Stress-bust / Neuro-Safari Shakedown / Oxytocin-Resilience Flow / Think on your feet! / Nail it with Neuro-economics! / Neuroceptive Leadership / NeuroFlow Leadership Lab and more...

  • Workshops & Webinars:

    • Half-day - 4h: €760 (€190*4), Full-day - 8h: €1,520 (€190*8)

    • Shorter “lunch & learn” format: €190/h (min 1h/45min)

    • In-person: add 15%

    • Customisable or choose from:

      • Stamp out Stress 3h Workshop (Head-Trash-Clearance)

      • Mental health - stress and anxiety management

      • Resilience Training

      • Collective & Social relationships

      • Personal development & growth of team members

      • Managing Dysregulation At Work: 3hr workshop 

      • Intro to Wellbeing & Resilience in the Workplace

      • Mental Health Awareness & First Aid Toolkit

      • Mental Health Awareness Training for leaders

      • Mental Health Training: Better understand and manage thoughts & emotions

      • The trusting, effective Team: Build trust +psychological safety, Maximise performance

      • Dynamic Conversations: Communication & Conflict

      • Healthy Leadership

      • Leadership and Teamwork: Enhance collaboration and problem-solving within teams and across your business.

      • Sleep for wellbeing and performance 

      • Facilitating Change: Support change, e.g. Culture change using tools of Narrative leadership, Business storytelling and more #Storiesshapeculture

  • Training Programs:

    • Resilience Essentials 8 week program: Online live: €1,520 (€190*8h), In-person: add 15%

    • Resilience Coaching 8 week program: Online live: €1,520 (€190*8h), In-person: add 15%

    • Customised Team Coaching Resilience 4 week program: Online live: €1,520 (€190*4*2h), In-person: add 15%

    • Head-Trash Clearance Programs:


  • Customised Coaching 1on1:

    • Emotional Resilience & Mental Fitness Coaching 1on1

    • Leadership Coaching 1on1

      • Single sessions or blocks of sessions (3, 6, 12)

      • In-person: add 15%

      • Online prices: Mini-sessions 1.5h (€120) or Full Sessions 2.5h (€190)

      • Offered either in-person or online or blended

    • 1 Year Leadership Performance Boost 1on1 (Inquire for pricing)​​​​

  • Discount offered for blocks of sessions booked:

    • 3 sessions paid once before session 1 = 5% discount

    • 6+ sessions paid once before session 1 = 10% discount

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 12% discount (paid monthly)

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 20% discount (paid once before session 1)


"Research shows that play can have enormous benefits for physical, emotional and social wellbeing driving business growth, improved customer satisfaction which in turn boost your bottom line."

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