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Office Coffee Break


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”   Plato

Does your organisation, workplace or team face organisational challenges, stresses, anxieties, pressures?

Which workplace doesn't!

Would you like your team to perform better, faster, more productive and efficient?

Would you like your team to be able to cope with Stress, clear their Head-Trash and have Emotional Resilience to increase productivity and the bottom line?

Would you like your employees/team to feel seen, heard and cared for, so in turn they can perform better?

Do you care about the Mental Health of your Team/Employees? Would you like them to learn Emotional First-aid and Emotional Recharge preventing burnout?

Would you like your team to be able to clear limiting beliefs, think on their feet, be more dynamic, take initiative, be motivated, increase their ability to access creative solutions, innovative thinking and better manage unexpected moments and organisational challenges?

Would you like your team to enjoy true Wellbeing at Work - which in turn will improve their satisfaction, dedication, productivity and your bottom line?

Would you like your team to refine their communication skills, form stronger connections and learn to resolve conflict in healthy ways?

Interested to engage and enliven employees, to create an inspiring, connected company culture with empathy and trust?

Would you like your team to have an opportunity to reflect and connect better as a team?

Would you like to do any of the above in fun, humoristic, playful ways that work - because we access the humane intelligence of each individual coming together in a team intelligence.

Interested in the most interactive and fun yet meaningful Team-Building Event for your Team?

If you said yes to any of the above,

Let's explore together the blocks holding your team/organisation back, and how you can shift to true Wellbeing at Work and true Resilience!


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Meet your Facilitator, Marise Hyman

Originally from South Africa, resident in Luxembourg since 2009, Marise Hyman has a unique blend of experience and skills that will benefit your team.


Drawing upon her deep, first-hand experience of stress/wellbeing/burnout in the corporate, especially finance setting, Marise is able to understand the challenges and pressures teams face in the workplace, especially working expat parents:

  • Trauma-informed Therapeutic Coaching - Specialising in Emotional Resilience, Headtrash Clearance, Early Life (CPTSD) & Complex Trauma - the major hidden cause of stress & burnout.

  • Marise have been hosting personal development/trauma/parenting trainings since 2013 until current (in-person & online globally and in Luxembourg)

  • Marise has Strong Leadership & Management skills demonstrated in several domains:

    • Global Finance/Auditing 16 years experience until 2013, including Big4:

      • Senior associate, then Audit Investment Funds Manager PwC Luxembourg 2009-2013

      • Senior Associate Audit of Hedge Funds - PwC Cayman Islands 2006-2008

      • Audit Traineeship then promoted to Parter - small-medium audit firm in South Africa 2005

  • Founded an NGO serving Luxembourg parent community, advocating for Mental Health, Eco-friendly parenting and Human Rights in Childbirth (2014 - 2020).

  • Career change and own business startup since 2013: Trauma-informed Therapeutic Coaching, Consulting & Doula (career change at 2014 until current)

"Amazing Marise! You were wow! Marise Hyman is an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and energetic! Huge thanks for guiding us through such an extroardinary and intense journey"


—  Elena - Marketing executive

90% of your life...

90% of your life...

Comes from subconscious programming...

It is possible

It is possible

To calm the chatter...

Workplace Wellbeing PRICING:

workplace wellbeing pricing

1.5h Mini Session



2.5h Full Session


More info

  • Prices are for virtual face-to-face sessions via Zoom during office hours for groups or individual workplace coaching/training.

  • For sessions in-person at your workplace in Luxembourg - please add 15%

  • Out-of-office hours, a surcharge of 15% is added (subject to availability and feasibility for me)

  • Payments are due in full 1 day in advance of sessions/programs unless otherwise indicated/agreed.

  • In between sessions, I may suggest some specific "home-play" (vs home-work ;-) to further deepen your growth.

  • In advance of beginning you will complete a confidential online intake form enabling me to align our intentions and customise a unique program for your workplace/team members.

  • Also, see below for Workplace Workshops/Programs on offer

Block Discounts

  • Discount offered for blocks of sessions booked:

    • 3 sessions paid once before session 1 = 5% discount

    • 6+ sessions paid once before session 1 = 10% discount

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 12% discount (paid monthly)

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 20% discount (paid once before session 1)


"Research shows that play can have enormous benefits for physical, emotional and social wellbeing driving business growth, improved customer satisfaction which in turn boost your bottom line."

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