Welcome home!

I've been waiting for you :-)

Do you feel that life is too stressful?

Would you like to find a way to feel calmer?

Feeling the incessant negative chatter in your head?

Do you find yourself constantly triggered, your buttons being pushed?

Emotions dragging you down?

Tired of destructive patterns & habits in your life?

Struggling with relationships & procrastination preventing you from realizing your goals?

Fears, anxieties, addictions, low self-esteem, limiting thoughts & beliefs holding you back?

Struggling to fully love yourself and others?

Longing to find your purpose?

Old stories, judgments, grudges and pains getting you down?

Poor problem-solving skills, primal fear of living, short attention span, grieving the loss of a loved one?

Feeling stuck in accessing your creative potential?

Wanting to clear blocks so you can birth projects & dreams fearlessly, passionately?

Would you like to learn how to clear your head-trash by yourself?

Interested to re-code early imprints to step into a conscious life worth living?

Prepping for conscious conception to contribute to the thriving culture of future generations?


Ready to re-code your story for true inner freedom?

Ready for clarity, peace & confidence in your life & work?

Ready to live a purposeful life in alignment with your Soul’s intention?

Ready for joy, love, peace, open-hearted living and abundance?

Ready to catalyse your personal & emotional growth?

Ready to navigate life from a place of true Power, which is Love?

Ready to recover the ownership of your Free Will?

Ready to upgrade your frequency?

Ready to contribute positively to humanity by doing your part?

Ready to transform your past so you can empower not burden future generations with your emotional legacy...?

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If you said yes to any of the above,

Let's explore together if there is anything holding you back in life, and how you can move beyond this state to birth a new and EMPOWERED YOU into being...

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I'm Marise

Seeker, mother, wife. Highly Sensitive Person, Empath and Lover of conscious life.

Through transforming my own pain & struggles - I've been gifted a new lease on life...

I want that for you. I want that for humanity.

Years ago, the deeply disturbing state of our planet and people led me on a soul-quest...


Then, I understood my responsibility to release my own inner turmoil.

Liberated and Consciously Empowered, I discovered a passion to hold space for others in their journey of inner revelation...

"The time is now to heal ourselves and our collective past, so the future of our species is free to flourish. This is the most important work to be done at this time.” Elena Tonetti Vladimirova, founder Birth into Being.

I am:

  • Certified in the "Birth into Being" method level 1-3,

  • trained in the "Head Trash Clearance Method"

  • a Reiki I Practitioner

and I also bring in my rich experience since 2013 working holistically with families from preconception on.

"I was reluctant at 1st to work on my core issue in a deep process and had many internal dialogues. Marise was wonderful, warm, intuitive and understood exactly what I needed. She was very patient and lovingly guiding me, yet tacit enough to stop my mind-chatter. I felt safe and fully trusted her and her voice.  When I resisted, Marise reminded me to breathe just at the right time to take it all in.  Her warm compassionate, bubbly personality helped me through the process. I am very grateful. Thanks Marise!"


—  Nevin, Mom - Conscious Empowerment sessions

90% of your life...

90% of your life...

Comes from subconscious programming...

It is possible

It is possible

To calm the chatter...

Free your inner self

Free your inner self

And live in alignment with your Soul’s intention!



Show themselves in all areas of life...

Conscious Empowerment/Self-Empowerment & Healing

1-ON-1 Sessions PRICING:


1.5h Session


2.5h Session


More info

  • Prices are for virtual face-to-face sessions via Zoom during office hours.

  • For sessions in-person at your home in Luxembourg - please add 15%

  • For in-person sessions at my studio Soulspace  (Luxembourg, Helmsange) - please add 10%

  • Out-of-office hours, a surcharge of 15% is added (subject to availability and feasibility for me)

  • Payments are due in full 1 day in advance of each session unless otherwise indicated/agreed.

  • In between sessions, I may suggest some specific "home-play" (vs home-work ;-) to further deepen your growth.

  • For group events, click here (coming soon).

  • For e-courses, click here (coming soon).

  • Initial sessions require 2.5h. Most people I work with choose to continue with 2.5h sessions allowing us more freedom to dive deep and the opportunity for hands-on integration.

  • In advance of your 1st session, you will complete an online intake form enabling me to align our intentions and customise a unique program for you, prior to our time together

Block Discounts

  • Any amount of sessions will benefit you. Depending on the specific issue, shifts are usually experienced within 1-3 sessions. With more time together, the deeper we can go and the more ground we can cover as you may start to notice other things that were hidden under your BIG issue.

  • To experience the full "Birth into Being" Life Healing Journey = 30-45 x 2.5hr sessions over time depending on your individual needs. Even after 6 and then after 12 sessions, beautiful life & perception shifts happen. 

  • Discount offered for blocks of sessions booked:

    • 3 sessions paid once before session 1 = 5% discount

    • 6+ sessions paid once before session 1 = 10% discount

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 12% discount (paid monthly)

    • Monthly sessions for a year/2 sessions per month for 6 months = 20% discount (paid once before session 1)

For Self-Empowerment & Healing GROUP EVENTS:

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How I work

I work holistically to support you in your journey by using a blend of the modalities I am trained in. Or you can also decide which method(s) resonate most with you and we zoom in on that.

Head Trash Clearance Method: 

A life-changing emotional clearance method that has helped 1000's to free up their head space by clearing fears, anxieties, stresses & reprogram beliefs/values.

Read more about the method here.

Birth into Being Method:

A large body of deep processes & exercises holistically transforming conscious/unconscious birth, formative & other IMPRINTS for empowerment, freeing human suffering/potential, conscious evolution AND holistic & spiritual preparation for conscious conception and birth.

Read more here about the method

Birth into Being Journey 12-18 sessions (page coming soon)


a complementary tool for stress reduction, relaxation that also promotes healing and gently inviting the body to balance. Great to schedule in-between deep healing sessions as part of integration. I provide Reiki in my studio "Soulspace" in Helmsange or your home in Luxembourg.

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What is Conscious Empowerment or Self-empowerment healing?

  • Deep diving into your emotional world to address anything that may be standing in the way of achieving your life desires.

  • Old subconscious programming not serving you are upgraded and new EMPOWERING software loaded...

  • With release and realignment processes we clear your path of emotional debris, stuff you don’t need anymore, and activate your sense of personal POWER, your birthright.


Depending on the scenario, sessions may include movement, breath-work, altered states where you control the remote at all times, tapping, subconscious reflective re-patterning, work with magnets, journaling, specific touch, visualisation, role-play (aka magic theater), ritual, specific movement for an 'in-the-body' experience of deep exploration and re-coding in the creative vortex of the birthing field offering an opportunity to create significant change at a cellular level, for optimal well-being.

In between sessions, I may suggest specific home-play to further deepen our work together and EMPOWER you to freedom and resilience. I can't do it all for you. When you also show up for your SELF - then the true magic happens!

"Feelings, for better or for worse, are part of the human experience.  They are what make us human. To deny our feelings is to deny our own human experience. When we deny our feelings, we oppress our own life force and the right to express our own soul."

Sandra Ingerman, from her book "Welcome Home, life after healing, following your soul's journey home."


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