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What's your kind of creativity? (VIDEO)

"Creativity (not the same as being artistic) is one of the key abilities and essential skills we need to thrive in the 21st century and 4th industrial revolution. It is full of surprises and shows up in unexpected forms, expressions, places and people."

So what does this mean? It means, if we start tapping into our creative genius more and more, in unexpected ways:

  • we'll better be able to cope with our daily life challenges

  • we will actually be energised

  • we will be happier and more satisfied in life

  • we'll find solutions that were previously unimaginable

Now if you're not the paintbrush and colour kind of person, stay with me here... I'm not talking solely about what we typically would associate with the word creativity but rather other ways where you are tapping into your creative genius in every day life.

Because if you are human, you are a creative genius, seriously!

I was recently invited by Lien Potgieter to take part in a creativity quest as part of an initiative organised by The creativity gap. They invited human beings from all over the planet to share their kind of creativity with the world, following the creativity wave since the #UnitedNations recognised the importance of CREATIVITY as core skill.

So what's my kind of creativity?

As a a Conscious Empowerment coach/healer as well as a Holistic Maternity Coach, my idea of creativity is getting creative with coming up with (what I call) #soulcare hacks:

  • some days my soul wants me to dance in between appointments. I throw on some music and just simply move and contort my body as if nobody's watching! And boy, the more I do it, the more creative I get... It simply feels so good and helps my nerdy rational worry brain chill out and take a backseat. Anything I do after a quick jive is simply easier.

  • or to be more playful with my children. Especially when there are challenges. For instance, when my frustration builds as they ignore me when asking them to do something repeatedly, we've agreed that instead of yelling (which achieves nothing but further disconnection and only models communicating agressively), I instead sing to them. Fiercely... This is awesome as it sure gets their attention AND it serves as a release for my fired-up frustration. Win-win! Plus we have a good laugh and feel more connected.

  • or to journal, draw and colour around a personal issue. It took my while to fully let go around this one as I always grew up believing "I'm not creative, can not draw" etc.

  • another creative #soulcare hack that massively excites me and what I love offering other people is actually clearing and recoding limiting conception, birth & formative imprints in the body & nervous system which, as it clears from the subconscious and our sense of Self, results in all kinds of benefits being unleashed, including creativity, the ability to access the intelligence of nature's creative Power inside all of us! And I do that with different holistic healing methods I’m trained in especially the Birth into Being method, where I get to tap into my own creativity to resolve the emotional energy, basically through playing and having fun. LOL :-) I love it!

So yes, that’s my kind of creativity.

And once you apply creativity into your daily life in unexpected ways, you'll be surprised at what's possible!

Here's the little video I prepared for Lien's creativity quest.

Let me know in the comments below what's your kind of creativity?


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