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Rejuvenate your mind in seconds (VIDEO)

Here's a very simple neuroscientific nugget of wisdom to empower you as you go about your day.

At the moment we are all bombarded with lots of information from all directions. So there’s a lot to digest lately. Keep in mind that it's very important to have some unplugged time each day as being plugged in is really hard for the body, nervous system and immune system.

Now the quick tool I wanted to share is simply just allowing yourself couple of times per day, at least every hour in fact at least to take this brain-pause.

Our brain functions optimally if we take these little mini-breaks so it will increase your productivity, make you less anxious and prevent burnout.

So at least every hour do the following:

Do a mindful super-slow stretch or micro-movement and to allow yourself for 30-60sec to drop out of your thinking, racing mind and into a relaxed state of mindful awareness - daydream if you like, you can even see it as a little micro-nap.

And then the best part of all is to enjoy a good few YAWNS...

Yes - you heard right! It's that simple.

Whether you are an overwhelmed parent, stressed at work, expecting parent under stress or an anxious person in general. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

Check out my video here where I explain more:

I hope that can empower you to stay strong and resilient.

Which reminds me of a beautiful song from 2 soulful rocking ladies from Rising Appalachia called "I am resilient", enjoy this song here!

These little tricks can help us be more mindful as we go about our days. Though, if you still feel like life can be more and something's holding you back, might be worth looking into your headtrash or formative imprints in your brain, body & nervous system which runs the show of your life. I can help you with that in my Conscious Empowerment sessions. Remember, suffering is optional and healing is powerful :-)


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