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Remember why you came here...

Things are intense right now in our world.

If we tune into all this harshness, it's hard not to stay stuck in the funk.

Luckily, I've learned by now that the world is simply shaking us up to wake us up. We need to do the inner work if we want our outer world to shift. If we do the inner work, we are more resilient, more loving, more trusting and capable of facing anything and still being ok since we've released the negative energies inside us and they no longer resonate and attract to us negative things from the external world that suck us in...

So in stead of being sucked in by the madness, why not REtreating, REleasing and REcoding to REmember who you really are beneath all those conditioned layers. That's why we came here ;-) Would you like to remember why you came?

The Limbic Imprint Recoding ("LIR") is a 1.5h/2.5h session and one of the many processes in the Birth into Being Method to recode early imprints from conception through your formative years (#birthtrauma) into imprints that serve you. To maximise your inherent production of oxytocin to literally rewire your neuronal pathways and create new reference points in the body and nervous system for a deep sense of safety, belonging, vitality, intimacy so we can freely BIRTH OUR TRUE SELVES (#rebirth) or give birth (it's all connected ;-).

You do not need to know all the details of your arrival onto this planet, you will change it into whatever you desire and the process can be repeated so each time you will need and address different layers. That's the beauty of neuroplasticity!

It's no coincidence that you're here. You are here for a reason. You soul had plans for your. Plans of growing, evolving and learning on this playground of earth-school. Through the LIR we help you get in touch with the universal life force that everything in this world has to obey as well as your original intention and your tribe of magnificent beings, the constellation of specks of consciousness that you have belonged to for eons...

In the 1.5h version (great as a taster) we recode your story until the day you were born and in the 2.5h version we go until you are 18 which is the period from conception until your sense of Self and your place in the world formed. So if you feel alone, like you don't belong, you're misunderstood, struggling to find love or give love, difficulty to trust, struggling to access your creativity, feeling stuck, anxious or just plain unhappy in life, this is a great step to explore what's underneath...

The LIR was envisioned when Elena Vladimirova, the founder of the Birth into Being method had a near-death experience in a river. Before the experience, she had the belief “no pain no gain” and afterwards she had a total new perception as she saw how we can actually choose an alternative reality and let our brains soak that in.

We use rapid feel-good movement to wake up all the cells in the body, embodied flow movement to tune into the spiraling energy we are made from, specific breath-work to bypass the thinking mind, visualisation, all over body tapping and journaling to get to not only the rational mind but also the cells of your body, subconscious and all 3 parts of the brain (reptilian ancient brain, limbic emotional brain and cortex - the thinking brain).

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