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Nufar Yosef Sukenik

Baby Almog
Maxi Sleep Coaching Package
Customised Sleep Plan Included:
  • Customised Holistic Sleep Foundations implementation
  • Gentle and very gradual motion weaning strategy
  • Lots of Emotional Well-being Work during this change
  • Support during implementation

When we met Marise, we had an almost 5 month old baby who wasn't sleeping day or night! we were exhausted, first time parents who had no idea what we were doing wrong!


Marise was amazing! very reassuring and supportive. she built a special sleep program for us (that we are still following to this day - baby is now almost a year - and finally sleeping thru the night - with the help of all of Marise's sleep cues).


Marise met us at a time in our life that held lots of changes for both us and the baby and we constently needed to change the sleep program to fit our goals - Marise was always patient and reassuring that we (and the baby) could make it.


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