Baby 5 months
Maxi Sleep Coaching Package
Customised Sleep Plan Included:
  • Customised Holistic Sleep Foundations implementation
  • Gentle and very gradual implementation of nurturing "falling asleep support" with sleep cues
  • Lots of Emotional Well-being Work during this change
  • Support during implementation

"I do regret one thing and it is that I did not ask Marise for support earlier. We were having sleeping “troubles” with our daughter and we bought many books, different methods - read them all and at the end, we were not sure what to do, so we did what we could and felt. Nights were short...


When she was 18 months her brother joined us… so we continued to do what we could and felt is right with the toddler and a new-born; and nights were still short/er…;)  


I am not sure if it is prejudice, pride or a cultural thing but it sounded just weird to ask to some sleeping coach to come to our house and help us with something that we as parents should know the best… anyhow.


When we were exhausted and desperate I asked Marise to help us. And she did help us, a lot and I would like to thank her for that (her knowledge, compassion; recommendations, no judgements, discussions, positive attitude makes her a great person and fantastic coach) and I would definitely recommend Marise and recommend any parent not to wait to reach the point of exhaustion to reach for her support."


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