Baby planning testimonial

Vinitah Shah
Proud Home-maker
Baby planning hours:
16 hours

Coming to a new country and settling in peak of pregnancy can be daunting especially if its your 1st child and you don’t know the language or don’t have friends.


I bumped into Marise, when I was in Luxembourg for just 5 weeks (beginning of 31st week and still looking for an apartment to stay) and wasn’t even happy with my doctor and didn’t knew with whom I could share my fears, feelings and anxiety.


At every step, Marise had bundles of patience to listen and advise me with the options in this new place.


Planning and doing baby shopping from start within 4-6 weeks is only possible if you have Marise and I am glad as every advice Marise offered has helped me.


It could be as simple as where should the buttons be on the baby clothes to make her comfortable – you don’t think when you buy as you are super excited shopping but now its my 1st criteria when I select my little Jiana’s dresses.


I was stuck in choosing pram and baby carriers and her advice was very practical and realistic.


Thank you Marise – you have been a great help, your service is fantastic and I don’t know what and how would I have done without your support and advice. Thank you for your time and efforts !!!


My Breastfeeding experience


27th of March, was when Jiana arrived into this world. Soon after birth, Jiana latched on and started nursing and I was very satisfied. But after 2-3 days she stopped nursing. No matter how much the midwives helped and kept stimulating her she would just sleep. She was losing weight and so on the 5th day we fed her through expressed milk in a bottle, which she happily took on and started picking up weight. However she wouldn’t nurse.


By now it was over a week in the hospital and I was getting depressed, as I couldn’t nurse her.

Finally everybody commented that Jiana is lazy and I would have to give up breast feeding. I really wanted to nurse and so at this point, I called Marise to help me.


Marise advised me to take discharge and helped me to find where I could rent the pump (double), getting a midwife at home and most importantly she promptly put me in touch with an amazing lactation consultant. I met the consultant the same day I took discharge from the hospital. She examined Jiana and restored my confidence that I would be able to breastfeed. She explained that as Jiana was born through forceps and had jaundice, she was sleepy and wouldn’t feed. On her recommendation I took Jiana to an Osteopath. Sometimes babies born through forceps could be still in trauma and the nerves needed to be relaxed which an Osteopath does.


Marise also helped me to find an Osteopath. In the meantime, the lactation consultant advised me on how to feed Jiana without the bottle and help her with opening her mouth and sucking. Within a week after seeing the Osteopath, Jiana started nursing and hated to take the bottle.


Thanks to Marise and her timely advise and the lactation consultant, I would have given up on breast-feeding. I am glad that because of their encouragement, hope and direction, today I am enjoying this special bond of nursing my baby.

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