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A presentation during pregnancy on Newborn Sleep:
  • What to expect
  • Safe Sleep
  • Soothing, Bonding and attachement
  • The "4th trimester"
  • Setting sound sleep foundations from the start

Our little one is due soon and we were fortunate enough to be gifted a sleep coaching session with Marise.


As first time parents-to-be, you find that you easily stress out about any and every question that comes to your mind.


Marise was so great at putting us at ease and her session was informatove with lots of practical tips which I appreciated the most!


She has such a relaxed way about her that you really feel at ease and the fact that she also provides you with notes helps a lot (note - prego brain cannot remember everything at this stage...). 


I think what makes her extra special is that she listens to what your ideas and expections are, and then tries to work with you according to your needs (i.e. she doesn´t try to force a specific parenting style as the one and only way).

I can definitely encourage any parents of newborns (or even older) to have this session if you have questions about your baby´s sleeping patterns, what to expect in the beginning, how to "prepare" yourself...etc. We found the session invaluable.


Thanks again Marise!!!


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