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Baby planning testimonial

Liza Ras
Stay at home mommie
South African
Baby planning hours:
12 hours

So, I just found out. We’re having a baby! These things are supposed to take months isn’t it?

Not for me, 2 weeks and I’m pregnant! Happy, nervous and a little surprised, okay very surprised! I was planning on loosing a few kilo’s before the baby, I mean I just started an exercise routine.


After the initial shock and 3 months of very bad morning sickness I met Marise.

It couldn't have come at a better time! Here I am in a new country where I don’t speak their language and suddenly I have to book doctors appointments, buy baby stuff and try to figure out how to have food delivered to my hom

Imagine my surprise to find a South African not just willing to help, but who’s job it is!

After a few emails she came to visit, my baby room was not that bad (or so she said - I think she was just being polite).

She helped me make the distinction between products that I would need for baby’s arrival and those that are not essential. There are a lot of stuff on the market that’s just there to make your life more complicated.


We talked about my personal situation (my husband being away 4 out of the 5 working day) and she based all her suggestions and tailored information specific to my situation.

We talked about other options that I have not considered like healthy sleep foundations and benefits of implementing a good bedtime ritual early on, especially due to my specific situation. As a new mother-to-be you just don’t know this stuff. She gave me information on home visits of nurses and house cleaning “specialists”, baby shops and which shops deliver groceries at home.


I was also very nervous about what to take to the hospital but her list was a lifesaver.

At the time I though it was a bit early to be thinking about breastmilk vs formula and specifics about baby sleep but now I can’t be more greatful.


With a 11 week old you don’t have time to start doing research about these things. She has done it all for you! My baby girl is happy and settled on a flexible routine and that opens up some time for me to do things and meet with people.


At 2 weeks old I went for coffee with some friends for the first time, without Marise’s help I would not have been able to do that!


I was not a happy pregnant lady, it was hard on me. I love my baby and would do it all again, but not without Marise’s help.


We started out one mother helping out the other mommy-to-be with a new and daunting experience and we ended up as friends.


I can not imagine how difficult and stressful having a baby would have been was it not for Marise.


Pregnancy and “mommy hood” is suppose to be a beautiful and fulfilling experience and with Marise’s help it is!

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