Baby planning testimonial

Lea Schmitt
Resident physician - gynecology
Baby planning hours:
16 hours

Getting to know Marise was mere chance.


I found a flyer while enrolling our baby at the Crèche. I was 6 month pregnant by then and had almost no preparations done, partly because of lack of time, partly because of superstitiousness.


Having my first child, I was extremely insecure and spent night after night reading test results for strollers, baby matrasses, bath soap etc.



Marise's customised baby list was really helpful to us: what are the essentials to get before due date, what are the pro's and cons of different items and where to get them at the best price, which stroller is perfect for our specific needs...


Those questions were rapidly answered thanks to Marise.


As the last weeks of my pregnancy were really tumultuous, I was relieved I could rely on my lists and didn't need to spend hours and hours in various shops.


Marise also works with a thouroughly researched network of professionals, as sophrologists, prenatal gym instructors, lactation consultants (only to name a few). This was a real support for us, before birth and in the first sleep deprived and exciting weeks after our baby boy was born.


Not to forget that the Bellies and Booties sessions organized by the Luxmama Club are a nice opportunity to meet other mums/mums to be. I'd recommend Marise's services to any mum to be, especially if having her first child or recently moved to Luxembourg!


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