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Baby planning testimonial

Jackie Le Roux
South African
Baby planning hours:
20 hours


I am forever grateful to Marise for her wonderful maternity coaching during my pregnancy!


As a first time mom, in the beginning the uncertainties about what to do and what to expect was more than the excitement. Marise quickly assured and calmed me, giving me room to enjoy every moment of being pregnant and of becoming a mommy.


Our sessions together was always exciting and resourceful…and full of tips to try in difficult situations. Marise covered everything in our sessions, from the different forms of giving birth to what kind of swaddle to use. Never once did I feel a method was forced, rather I felt all the pros and cons was discussed and the decision left to me. This made me feel strongly about my choices because I could choose for myself what was best for me and my baby-to-be.


My little one is 12 weeks old today and I found Marise’s coaching really carry me through these past weeks. Unfortunately, I had to return to work extremely soon after giving birth. As a result our goals was really to help my baby develop self-soothing methods in a gentle way, so our family could get our optimal sleep.


What I found super useful was using a safe transitional object with my smell already early on. My little one gets his “doudou” at each sleep and this I believe was key in his ability to gently fall asleep on his own which was essential for our family’s situation. At sleep times, he simply fumbles a bit with the doudou without any fuss and soon after he is in dreamland. This tip is also helping with his night-time sleep pattern as he can wake up and change cycles easily, only grabbing his doudou again and off to dreamland it is.


If I had to write about all the wonderful benefits I got out of Marise’s coaching …I most certainly would use more than two pages. Instead, I would rather hope that mommies-to-be experience her outstanding guidance themselves as I always believe actions speaks louder than words…


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