Testimonial Fanny

Baby planning hours:
17 hours
Fanny Sergent
Big 4 Audit Partner

During my pregnancy, I found out that there were many things that I had no idea about.  Marise's thorough one-to-one approach has really helped me to navigate through the past few months, giving great tips on all sorts of things such as tips on breast-feeding, child safety, sleep and nutrition, referrals for a nurse, what to expect at the hospital in Luxembourg or else what buggy would best suit my needs!



She also alerted me on mistakes commonly made, for examples, buying so many expensive stuff that you do not really use. She has a wealth of information, and really knows the subject inside-out.  Addionally, Marise is very pragmatic and realistic. Her support was definitively customised to my needs and concerns. Our conversations were very open and she shared her own experience but also what she've observed and she adapted everything to my own views and beliefs.



The information she provides is also very thorough and concise and leaves room for you to make it your own. What I also appreciated was that the advice were of common sense, in other words understandable, yet I would not have thought of everything by myself, as there is so much!   


Marise is passionate about what she does and she has done an amazing job. She is an amazing mum as well, which is evident from her own happy children!



I would highly recommend Marise to any family experiencing pregnancy or preparing for a new baby.



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