Testimonial Candice

Baby planning hours:
2.5 hours
Candice Van Wijk
Occupation: Auditor
Nationality: South African

I moved to Luxembourg earlier this year. My husband got a new job which meant we would need to move country, both start new jobs, find an apartment and learn a new language. A month after we arrived I found out I was pregnant... Talk about about a lot of changes!

Naturally, after all the excitement calmed down, I found myself starting to get really overwhelmed. We have no family here and apart from not speaking the language, what I know about having a baby is not something to brag about.

And then I met Marise (happy sigh) who scheduled a baby planning meeting at my house. Here we went through the whole process from birth to the first few weeks in an environment where I felt safe to ask all my 'silly' questions and learn some valuable insights.

Before this meeting, I was pretty terrified of what lay ahead of me, but now, I feel excited!

Thank you Marise for absolutely everything!!