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Obtain access to all of the below fantastic products and services at an exclusive discount when you become a client of mine.

Benefits Available Internationally and in Luxembourg

Zoga Charikleia - Dietician

Nutritionist & Dietician

Dietitian specialised in children and adolescents and also experienced working with pregnant and breast feeding women.




10% Discount

The Juliet Way

Eco-ethical accesories for families and children

The aim of the Juliet Way is to offer a selection of Eco-friendly and Ethically crafted accessories for kids and families.

They support small projects, sewing labs and skills learning centers. These projects are located in Thailand, where Juliet was born and inspring to leave conscious footprints and grow a better future.



Boutique for mums and their babies

MintMouse offers well designed, high quality products for mums and babies made in Europe with the greatest care.


The owner, Angelique Supka is passionate about the importance of good quality first shoes and as a result, Mintmouse carries the beautiful Emel range of first shoes. 


The shoes are made of the finest leather, have a unique design with different styles and are meticulously made to be extra comfortable and support the first steps so that feet can develop in a healthy way.


Emel has received numerous awards throughout the years and is an established brand in countries including Poland, Germany, Austria and UK.

Conscious Foods

Wholesale and Retail Supplier of Natural Products

By opting for clean, natural personal care products and foods, we are honouring the nature of our our babies, bellies and our own wellbeing and in addition we are honouring Mother Nature.

10% Discount


Online local store with eco-friendly alternatives:
cloth nappies, menstrual cups, cloth pads.

Nappilla keeps respect for public health and the environment, at the very centre of its practices. In this perspective, they are committed to the the promotion of ecologically-responsible alternatives to traditional products and to conservative business practices; thereby actively encouraging sustainability.

10% discount

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Benefits Available Only in Luxembourg

POPUP Studio

POPUP Studio is a small, independent studio based in Luxembourg specialising in hand-printed T-shirts, illustration and funky accessories for children and adults. DeeDee, founder and designer, is passionate about adding modern twists on retro classics and striking, funky patterns. Benia, an associate designer, creates beautiful, hand-crafted dolls and teddy bears. Everything at POPUP Studio is ethical and made in very small quantities.

Design Studio

15% Discount

Elita's Scent of Beauty

Beauty, hairstyling and wellness

Elita is a full time Beauty Consultant providing a range of services from make-up, hair-styling, massages (not specific for pregnancy), lash tinting, hair removal and nail art to her exquisite eyebrow architecture service. You can enjoy her services either at your home or at her premises with free babysitting included and a warm cup of tea or coffee!

10% Discount

A Magical Butterfly

Reiki, Meditation and Workshops

Ana Vargas from a Magical Butterfly is truly passionate about all activities related to wellbeing and inner development.  In her own words:


"I believe that the world has a wide open range of tools that allow us to achieve balance and experience happiness

I invite you to start a new path through Reiki which is the transmission of Universal Energy to find inner balance and relaxation.  Learning Reiki is also a nice way of building a strong bond with your children starting already during pregnancy!"

10% Discount

Baby Sensory Luxembourg

Baby sensory development classes

The Baby Sensory programme has been designed specifically for babies up to 13 months.


The Baby Development activities stimulate the senses and help babies develop.


The baby activities delight and surprise parents and babies by using a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early communication skills.

10% Discount

Personalised pottery

Personalised pottery, capturing children's hand/foot prints on ceramics to be kept forever.

10% Discount

Gretel Photography

Maternity, newborn and family photography

Gretel's eye and skilfull approach will make your photos pop before you do. Seriously.


And rest assured during newborn shoots, your dark circles shall leave no trace

10% Discount

Wellness at Home

At-home wellness, beauty and relaxation treatments.

Reveal your inner beauty and be pampered from head to toe. Yes please!

10% Discount

Infant Massage Practise Luxembourg

Infant massage classes by Mirela Dragota, certified IAIM instructor

Who doesn't want their baby to be calmer, sleep deeper, profit from boosted brain neuron growth, digestion, body awareness, circulation... To name just a few.


The perfect way for papa to cement the bond with baba through skin-to-skin contact, which in turn puts a damper on paternal postpartum depression.

10% Discount

Clare Marie Pilates & Wellness

Pre & postnatal pilates

The vibrant Clare Marie will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.


Her Super mama pilates during pregnancy and Yoyo mama bebe pilates will gently strengthen your muscles for optimum performance.


Who doesn't want that?

10% discount

HealthyLux - MammaFit

Pregnancy & Mama/Dad Fitness - Belly Dance

Bring your bump and stay in top shape throughout your pregnancy.


Forward to 6 weeks after birth and should your doc give the green light - bring a) your baby in stroller or b) your baby in the carrier at the MammaFit workouts in the nature (or in the classroom in case of bad weather).


Then feel your pelvic floor regain it's super powers and gently shake other wobbly areas at your very own pace. It's no race.


Also available is Belly Dance at every age and stage as well as personal training and Bootcamp for Dads (with or without baby).


Read Luxmama Club's review...

10% Discount

The Little Gym

Physical activity classes from 4 months+

After decades of research and hands-on experience, The Little Gym® Europe has over 20 locations in ten different countries; all focused on helping children achieve a lifetime of success while having SERIOUS FUN.


Read Luxmama Club's review...

Ad hoc free "Bugs" classes

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