Follow-Up Coaching after Attending the Group Holistic Weaning Workshop


I have asked for Marise's advice and coaching because I knew I could only benefit from her advice, tips and warm attitude. And I was very happy I did. She is not only a beautiful person, but also tells you things that you have never thought of and which can practically change your whole approach on life and raising children as best as you can...Thank you, Marise, and may that as many families as possible benefit from your professional advice as well.




 Thank you Marise for a great weaning workshop this week! Great atmosphere, discussions and helpful info and demonstrations to merge the "world of food" for our little ones. 

Sofia Manatou


Thank you so much for the great workshop!! It was really helpful!



I had a great time at the weaning workshop yesterday! I am totally excited now about working probiotics, bone broth and coconut oil into my baby's diet-- and ours too! Thanks for doing all the hard work for us so we can benefit from your extensive knowledge!



Thank you for this interesting and informative workshop full of practical tips and tricks how to wean a baby! I'm sure with such thorough preparation no weaning can go wrong and it can actually be fun.



Marise, thank you for very good weaning workshop - I learnt some completely new information although I already have an older son, and you gave us very useful and practical tips which now I am trying to implement and it makes our life easier and funnier!



I found the weaning workshop extremely helpful in terms of getting a more contextual, clearer picture of what kinds of food I want to be giving to my baby (and to the whole family, as a matter of fact). I loved that it was such a cozy atmosphere and everyone got to ask all their questions. As for me, it was precisely what I was seeking - a tool to navigate through all the different, often contradicting approaches to weaning. Thanks for this, Marise!



The weaning workshop is very informative. Marise condensed a lot of information into the 3-hour presentation. I attended it for my second baby to refresh my memory and I'm very happy having learned something new at this workshop.



I loved the workshop of Luxmama. It was very informative and useful. On top having such a great atmosphere at Marise's place! Thanks a lot!



Thanks so much Marise for a very inspiring morning, thanks for sharing info with us!  Very nice and relaxed atmosphere!!!  I'd highly recommend the workshop



Thank you Marise Hyman for your interesting workshop. Even having weaned my eldest 5 years ago, it was fruitful to hear the latest news about it, discuss controversial topics and discover new holistic approach to nutrition (totally resonant to my lifestyle).



Thank you Marise. It was a very inspiring morning. Many things i did not know, handout with all the details i need to read more deeply. And Marise with her smile and full of energy, it all gave me feeling that weaning is actually going to be fun and not an issue.

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