Originally from South Africa, after a fast-paced and painful 18 year corporate career as chartered accountant & auditor, I finally found my passion when I became a parent in Luxembourg, far away from my family...

Something really special was happening to me.


My perceptions on life changed immensely and I embraced motherhood in a way I never thought possible.



I enjoyed preparing our own family for the huge life change so much, I instinctively knew what I had to do next!


And so began my life-changing journey as Maternity & Parenting Professional.
















In 2013, I enrolled in my first two courses at the International Maternity & Parenting Institute ("IMPI") and since then, couldn't stop... 


I realised how fascinated I have become with the "Transition into Parenthood" that couples go through nowadays and how being scattered all over the globe away from family makes this even harder in "building their villages". Also conscious parenting, conscious birthing and the releasing of fears and traumas so we can genuinely enjoy the gift of welcoming and connecting with this new generation of sensitive souls without sub/consciously passing on dysfunctional patterns and behaviors. Humanity deserves this and we all know our world seriously needs this!

Summary of Education, & Affiliations:

1997 - 2004 Honourary Bachelors degree Accounting (University Pretoria), 3 yr apprenticeship, 2 Board Exams with IRBA & SAICA for Chartered Accountant & Auditor - CA(SA) 

2013: 6 Month Diploma: Baby Planner Consultant - IMPI (Maternity/perinatal Coach/Educator)

2015: Happiest Baby on the Block Educator - Dr Harvey Karp

2016: 1 Year Diploma: Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Practitioner - IMPI

2016: Became member of the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC)

2016: 3 Month Certificate Infant Mental Health - Infant Mental Health Promotion Institute

2016: 4 Week Certificate: Babies in Mind, Why the Parent's Mind Matters - University of Warwick

2017: 15 Week Certification: "Becoming Us" Facilitator (Elly Taylor)

2017: Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

2018: Holistic Childbirth Educator Diploma (18 months) - IMPI

2018: Dancing for Birth™ Instructor

2018: "Birth into Being" Facilitator level 1-3 with Elena Tonetti Vladimirova (spiritual midwife and creator of the film "Birth as we know it")

2019: Trained Fearless Birthing Professional (Head-trash clearance method)

2019: "Birth into Being" Facilitator level 4  - in process


Working with individuals, future/expecting/new parents all over the world and guiding them through this breathtaking journey is exciting and rewarding on so many levels.





I am blessed to have found my passion and being able to nurture it every day.


When I am not working or studying, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two delightful little girls, Lisa (born 2011) and Amelie (born 2013).  Nowadays, I like to look at the world from a holistic point of view.  I appreciate mindful living and have a passion for real food.

My mother tongue is Afrikaans (similar to Dutch) but we grew up bilingual which can not even come close in comparison to the multilingual capabilities of the average household in Luxembourg where we live today!  I adored learning French when we arrived in Luxembourg and plan to become better acquainted with Luxembourgish in a bit. I promise!


I am passionate about birth rights, respecting mother nature, raising awareness for greener, holistic alternatives and at the same time I am fascinated by how our society is shaped by early imprints from conception, birth and the formative period.


I founded the Luxmama Club & Parent Prep asbl in Luxembourg, a not-for-profit organisation offering a variety of inspiring social and educational events for future/new parents and raising awareness for birth rights, perinatal mental health and green parenting.



I live to laugh, crave wide open space and did I mention I love to laugh?




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