Household Staff Recruitment

(Only available within Luxembourg)


An addition to the family may require all the help you can get.  Finding reliable help around the household at a time when you are most vulnerable, will enable you to spend your time focussing on the joys of your pregnancy and ONLY the three most important things after baby's arrival:





Bond with your baby.

Breastfeed your baby.

Rest when you can.

NOTHING else is as important for you and your baby's wellbeing after birth.

To help you reach this goal, specific household staff members may be just what you need.


Think how a personal chef, trained maternity nurse, nanny or a combination of these services in one person can support you and your new family in this time of need.  Even though the best presence for baby after birth is mommy and daddy by his/her side, we are often isolated from family support in Western cultures nowadays, while nature really intended for the whole "village to help raise a baby".  An expert set of hands can help fill this gap and support you in your new parenting journey.

Imagine a Personal Chef, Maternity Nurse, Nanny or a combination of these services...


My mission is to find the right person for you and your family. I work closely with a specialised service provider to find the perfect, skilled person for you, based on your individual needs and specific language requirements.  During the process, I remain your main point of contact, all administrative and legal specifics are taken care of expertly and you can simply sit back and relax.








Step 1: We establish your exact needs, from language requirements, working hours, type of contract, living arrangements and more.

Step 2: A professional staff search is launched, after which 2 to 5 matching profiles are selected.  The initial screening, to evaluate the skills and suitability of the candidates are done by me and my expert team, after which possible suitable candidates are presented to you in detail.

Step 3: The final selection are made by yourself by meeting the respective candidates after which all administrative and legal matters are smoothly handled by us.



On the first day of the new staff member's contract, a member of our recruitment team will brief the person.


You will be accompanied in all areas of the recruitment.


As a private employer, you benefit from a tax reduction. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


Recruitment costs are calculated on a once-off fee, according to the working hours of the contract. (full-time or part-time). Please inquire to learn more.


In the event of incompatability of either party after the start of the contract, we will ensure a re-selection (at no additional cost to you) up until 6 months within the contract, however, this is extremely uncommon to happen as we take the greatest care during the whole process.







The process


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